Some Thoughts on Pat Buchanan’s July 14 Column

I will not reprint the column here, of course, but the reader can retrieve this column from any of several websites.  The main thrust of the column is that the United States of America is in great danger of becoming the Dis-United States, because of  unabsorbed immigrants and what I call the “prismization” of our population.  What do I mean by that?  In a prism, incoming white light is refracted into the visible color range, each color as a separate segment.  Applied to the United States population, the more or less homogenized American population of the post-war era has become “hyphenated Americans” .  While everyone seems to want the economic and political freedom they enjoy under the constitution, they also want to retain their ethnic customs and languages.  Recently, videos have been popping up on YouTube of people who are actually offended by having to speak English.  This will not stand. While mewling liberals (pick any “mainstream” church or reformed synagogue) wring their hands over the plight of the “oppressed”, the very fabric of our nation’s culture is being torn by the concept that we should have no culture, but many cultures, all existing in peace and harmony.

Tell that to the people of the former Yugoslavia.  Tell that to the people of the former Czechoslovakia.  Tell that to the Ossetians in Georgia or the Azeris in Armenia.  The United States is unique in that its citizenry hail from every nation and people.  The United States works only when all of these citizens identify as Americans first.

I am keenly aware that the nations demographics have greatly changed in the last fifty years.  We have had unbridled immigration, public schools captured by “educators” no better than leftist thugs, and a “liberal” federal government that has single-handedly created three generations of citizens who feel no need to work, and are indignant at the very thought that they may not always receive womb-to-tomb “entitlements”.  I do not live in the “pre-1968 bubble” as some conservatives my age do.  To retrieve the nation they want to “take back”, they must acquire a time machine.  Their yearnings have overpowered their reason.  Many “conservatives” exhaust their energies attempting to go backwards in time, leaving nothing to actually attempt to make a better future.  I condemn them for the current state of affairs as much as I despise the unctuous, unreasoning liberal, who wants to save thousands at the expense of millions.

In the history of mankind, no nation (even the concept of nation is fairly recent) has ever lasted forever.  Some Americans seem so completely saturated with hubris that they think ours will.

Think again.





Let’s Talk About the Word “Conspiracy”

This is a simple word in the English language that everyone knows the definition of, right?  One would think, but apparently, in “popular culture” these days, not so much.


noun \kən-ˈspir-ə-sē\

: a secret plan made by two or more people to do something that is harmful or illegal

: the act of secretly planning to do something that is harmful or illegal

plural con·spir·a·cies
 [Thanks to Merriam-Webster]


In fact, the legal definition of the word is:An agreement between two or more persons to engage jointly in an unlawful or criminal act, or an act that is innocent in itself but becomes unlawful when done by the combination of actors.  Apparently, the definition of the word to most 21st century Americans is: ” a theory made up by unstable people who have absurdly decided that the NYT and ‘network news’ is not a reliable source of information.  All ‘conspiracy theories’ are rubbish.“I was recently confronted by a paragon of Correct Americanism who uttered, almost verbatim, the above definition.  I took great glee in asking him what he thought about the Lincoln assassination conspiracy which he of course denied.  Of course, five (other than Booth) were executed for the crime, several of which admitted the conspiracy.  I knew that I was wasting my time, but I also referred to the House Select Committee on Assassinations that found evidence that all three famous 1960’s assassinations were “most likely” the result of conspiracies.What did the government (and TPTB, in that they are different) learn from the JFK, RFK, and MLK assassinations?  They learned that most people, at least initially, will gobble up whatever the news media tells them.  Only later, much later, do they begin to have second thoughts.  They also learned that the news media, owned by large international corporations, will disseminate whatever is their best corporate interest.  In the twenty-first century, the populace has a plethora of news sources.  Some are total crap, while some (ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, etc.) are just mostly crap.  While sources like NewsMax,  World Net Daily, MSNBC, FOX , etc., have to be read through a filter, they will at least occasionally present information that corporate media will not.  Remember, if left to the “Big 3” of television news, we would never have known that John Edwards was messing around behind the back of his cancer-stricken wife, or that he had an illegitimate child, which was still being denied by big network news after everyone else had verified the story.  The ruination of Sen. Edwards was not in the best interest of corporate news.Next time a serious event happens in our nation, after listening to the purchased broadcasts of the likely suspects, hit your keyboard for some other views.You owe your mind a variety of news sources, not just the bilge pumped into your house by your corporate masters.


Why This? Why Now?

For years, I have been posting comments to Breitbart, Drudge, Blaze, and RedState.   There were two problems with this.  First,  these are “general public’ websites that more-or-less have to tread a middle ground.  their politics are right-of-center, but only a few degrees.  Because of this, their focus is on “conservative voters”.  I no longer use the word conservative to describe myself because there really isn’t much left of our wrecked culture that I want to conserve except Western Civilization itself, which most Americans have abandoned for “Popular Culture”.   Voter implies voting, which is an exercise in futility in our demographic state.

The Conservative media’s main goal is to influence the main body of the polis to steer legislation in a slightly less socialist/Marxist direction.  They are egalitarians in that they continue to believe that all voices should be heard.  They continue to buy into:

  • Forced equality
  • Forced integration
  • Forced Sectarianism

I reject that completely, totally, and violently.  Tolerance used to mean “I don’t agree, but as long as you don’t hurt me, do what you want”.   Now tolerance means ” You will not only allow this, but you will praise it publicly, and if not, we’ll take your job and your friends will shun you”.  This is a mortal requirement.  The Left, thinking as they do, has not quite determined that yet.  They will.

My outlook is thus:

  • “Democracy = rule by the lowest common denominator.
  • “Equality” = The rewards for the intelligent, persistent, and creative equal those for the lazy, stupid, and inferior.  The concept that “all men are created equal” is a noble concept that, in realty, is the most inaccurate statement ever uttered by a thinking human.

Representative democracy, in small homogenous populations, works quite well.  We in America no longer live in a small, homogenous population.  A vast number of new “immigrants” have no cultural concept of the freedoms that we, as Americans, have held for 238 years.  They have come for purely economic reasons, and that, in turn, is crashing not only our economy, but also our “liberal democracy”.  In many regions of the nation, the educated class speaks one language, while the service class speaks another.  The idea of a “melting pot” is as realistic as a Superman comic book.

I have no “hatred” for any other race of peoples, I just love mine.

I will now and forever live by the 14 Words.