Why This? Why Now?

For years, I have been posting comments to Breitbart, Drudge, Blaze, and RedState.   There were two problems with this.  First,  these are “general public’ websites that more-or-less have to tread a middle ground.  their politics are right-of-center, but only a few degrees.  Because of this, their focus is on “conservative voters”.  I no longer use the word conservative to describe myself because there really isn’t much left of our wrecked culture that I want to conserve except Western Civilization itself, which most Americans have abandoned for “Popular Culture”.   Voter implies voting, which is an exercise in futility in our demographic state.

The Conservative media’s main goal is to influence the main body of the polis to steer legislation in a slightly less socialist/Marxist direction.  They are egalitarians in that they continue to believe that all voices should be heard.  They continue to buy into:

  • Forced equality
  • Forced integration
  • Forced Sectarianism

I reject that completely, totally, and violently.  Tolerance used to mean “I don’t agree, but as long as you don’t hurt me, do what you want”.   Now tolerance means ” You will not only allow this, but you will praise it publicly, and if not, we’ll take your job and your friends will shun you”.  This is a mortal requirement.  The Left, thinking as they do, has not quite determined that yet.  They will.

My outlook is thus:

  • “Democracy = rule by the lowest common denominator.
  • “Equality” = The rewards for the intelligent, persistent, and creative equal those for the lazy, stupid, and inferior.  The concept that “all men are created equal” is a noble concept that, in realty, is the most inaccurate statement ever uttered by a thinking human.

Representative democracy, in small homogenous populations, works quite well.  We in America no longer live in a small, homogenous population.  A vast number of new “immigrants” have no cultural concept of the freedoms that we, as Americans, have held for 238 years.  They have come for purely economic reasons, and that, in turn, is crashing not only our economy, but also our “liberal democracy”.  In many regions of the nation, the educated class speaks one language, while the service class speaks another.  The idea of a “melting pot” is as realistic as a Superman comic book.

I have no “hatred” for any other race of peoples, I just love mine.

I will now and forever live by the 14 Words.





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