Some Thoughts on Pat Buchanan’s July 14 Column

I will not reprint the column here, of course, but the reader can retrieve this column from any of several websites.  The main thrust of the column is that the United States of America is in great danger of becoming the Dis-United States, because of  unabsorbed immigrants and what I call the “prismization” of our population.  What do I mean by that?  In a prism, incoming white light is refracted into the visible color range, each color as a separate segment.  Applied to the United States population, the more or less homogenized American population of the post-war era has become “hyphenated Americans” .  While everyone seems to want the economic and political freedom they enjoy under the constitution, they also want to retain their ethnic customs and languages.  Recently, videos have been popping up on YouTube of people who are actually offended by having to speak English.  This will not stand. While mewling liberals (pick any “mainstream” church or reformed synagogue) wring their hands over the plight of the “oppressed”, the very fabric of our nation’s culture is being torn by the concept that we should have no culture, but many cultures, all existing in peace and harmony.

Tell that to the people of the former Yugoslavia.  Tell that to the people of the former Czechoslovakia.  Tell that to the Ossetians in Georgia or the Azeris in Armenia.  The United States is unique in that its citizenry hail from every nation and people.  The United States works only when all of these citizens identify as Americans first.

I am keenly aware that the nations demographics have greatly changed in the last fifty years.  We have had unbridled immigration, public schools captured by “educators” no better than leftist thugs, and a “liberal” federal government that has single-handedly created three generations of citizens who feel no need to work, and are indignant at the very thought that they may not always receive womb-to-tomb “entitlements”.  I do not live in the “pre-1968 bubble” as some conservatives my age do.  To retrieve the nation they want to “take back”, they must acquire a time machine.  Their yearnings have overpowered their reason.  Many “conservatives” exhaust their energies attempting to go backwards in time, leaving nothing to actually attempt to make a better future.  I condemn them for the current state of affairs as much as I despise the unctuous, unreasoning liberal, who wants to save thousands at the expense of millions.

In the history of mankind, no nation (even the concept of nation is fairly recent) has ever lasted forever.  Some Americans seem so completely saturated with hubris that they think ours will.

Think again.





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