Is This the Beginning? Of What?

I’ve seen a couple of blogs and YouTube videos stating that the Ferguson, MO riots are the beginning of a “race war”.  Let’s consider that for a moment.  The national African-American population is about 12.8%.  In my state of residence, it’s about 30.5%.  In my county, it’s 24%.  Of course, I live in the “Deep South” , so those figures are reasonable.  There are several counties in the US with majority Black populations, all but one in the South-east.  Guess which one isn’t in the South – St. Louis County, MO.

With the exception of St. Louis and Prince George’s County, MD, most of these counties are rural and poor.  St. Louis and Prince George’s are urban and poor.  Of the entire US African-American population, what percentage would actively participate in a “race war”?  Let’s be generous and say 20%.  It would actually be much lower.  So that’s 20% of 12%, or roughly 2.5% of the total US population.  That’s about 7.9 million people.  That is several times more than the active-duty, reserve, and National Guard troops available in the US – and remember, a significant percentage of those troops are African-American, so they would have torn loyalties if there was actually a racial disturbance of national proportions.

Let’s view this from another direction – regional demographics.  In some locales, law enforcement and even National Guard would be severely strained to keep any kind of order.  Think Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, DC, Oakland, Richmond, Atlanta.  Assuming the worst, the inner cities and “business districts” of those cities would be destroyed before any truly effective law enforcement measures could be taken.  For the most part, the areas destroyed would be primarily African-American neighborhoods and businesses.  In vast stretches of the nation however, nothing of any consequence would be happening.  I can’t imagine Fargo, Lincoln, or Scottsdale burning.  Mostly White/Asian communities in California would be in an uproar, but seriously – do we really care about California?  I’m sure I don’t.  Assuming all this occurred when there was a sane federal executive, National Guard troops would be activated nation-wide, and federal troops would also be sent in to quell the riots.  These troops would have much more than Glock 19s and Molotov Cocktails in their inventory.  If CX gas and rubber bullets did not succeed in bringing peace, standard ammunition would certainly be issued.  While the news media screamed, drooled, and lied, Americans would see what happens when people who do so little think they are “owed” so much.  With 72 hours, the rioting would stop.  In Oakland, it would go on for days, but seriously…

Some wise man said “You don’t know how good you had it until you no longer do”.  That will be the epitaph not only for a minority population, but the entire nation.  There is absolutely no doubt in any rational mind who would win the “race war”.  But we would never be a nation again.


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