A Nation Without Standards

I really hope this title will make you think.  I know it will make you mad.  Good.  Leon H. Wolf, a far superior writer, penned a blog on RedState today (26 August 2014), entitled “A Culture Without Standards”, so I couldn’t use that one.  This has been rolling about in my brain for weeks now.  I am a post-secondary educator.  As such, I am exposed to what is generously called “popular culture”.  I am also aware that tastes seem to change every fifteen minutes.  This is not culture.  This is mind-candy that makes your mental teeth rot when you could be using your time enjoying something of lasting beauty.  Beethoven instead of Beyonce.   Van Gogh instead of Vanilla Ice.  Shakespeare instead of Shakira.  As my students would phrase it, I don’t do popular culture.  I do classical western culture. It has lasted for about 2500 years now, if you include Roman civilization.   “What are you some kind of weirdo?  Some kind of religious nutcase?  What a racist!”  Perhaps, no, and no.  I refuse to clutter my mind with some vacuous trend that lasts until the next commercial.  Some have tried to make this “racist”, since so much popular culture in America revolves  around Black performers.  Breathe easy.  I find Barf Grooks  (sorry for the spelling) just as time-wasting as Snoop Dog.

I am sixty years old.  In about twenty years, I’ll be a “dead white guy”.  I will be added to the list of dead white guys – the people who have created almost everything you value in life.  Since I have about twenty years (7,300 days) left, I refuse to waste one second on the feces that passes for “entertainment” these days.  I do enjoy the Stones, who I’m sure will achieve some pantheon status in a hundred years.  I enjoy well-crafted drama, like “Homeland”.  But I do not take these things seriously.  I do not “tweet”, and I have no Facebook page.  Frankly, I don’t want someone in Wisconsin, California, or Hong Kong to know what I like, dislike, or what I did last weekend.  If that would interest them, they probably need professional psychological attention.

Human civilization has existed for about 6000 years, give or take (sorry, Dr. Cremo).  Most of that time has been taken up with the necessities of survival, like food production, shelter building and warfare.  But there were also great works of the human spirit produced.  Who could look at the Pyramids, the Great Gate of Babylon, or even the little clay neolithic Venus of Willendorf without uttering a prayer of thanks?  Now that our civilization has “technology”, which the deluded, the simple-minded, and the evil call “advancement”, we have so much more time to create great, spirit uplifting works of art.  Like “Piss-Christ”, Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”,  any number of rap lyrics, or any movie made by Harvey Weinstein.

The same people who would defend popular culture are those who would leave us defenseless against global forces such as the “Islamic State”.  “We just have to understand them!”  No, we have to utterly destroy them.  All of them.  Without mercy.  The simple souls who defend global Islamists are not the “low-information voters”, housing project denizens, or Ugimmes, but educated (sic) professionals.  They are probably very accomplished in their careers, and yet they seem to know absolutely nothing about the world in general, or how it works.  Here’s a hint:  The world works pretty much like it did in the days of Genghis Khan.  You, especially Americans, have been sheltered from this for the 238 years this nation has existed.  You may think that our nation has been protected by God.  In fact, it has been protected by two very large oceans.  Not any more.  I have no doubt that very soon Americans will see car-bombs exploding in our streets, some of our urban areas turning into scenes reminiscent of Beirut in the early 1980s, and politicians wringing their hands  until forcibly replaced by those with the will to do the right thing.  They will not be elected, but they will be hailed as saviors.  I pray our civilization will last that long.


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