World or Truth?

There has been a theme to many of Erick Erickson’s blogs on RedState in the last several months. Do those who are both Patriots and Christians choose the world, meaning “popular culture” with all its associated vices, or Truth, as taught by not only Jesus of Nazareth, but also by the Buddha and many other spiritual leaders?

I’m staggered by the number of “Christians” who blithely accept the most grotesque popular beliefs because to do otherwise would:
1. Be bad for my business
2. Make my friends think I was a snob
3. Show disrespect to my friend’s religion, etc.
4. Create a bad situation for my kids at school

Apparently, these people never had a clear grasp on what it is to be a Christian. They wanted the “good feelings” and “fellowship”, but they shut down their senses when being told there would be a price to pay. I have absolutely no foreknowledge, but I wonder if, when they pass from this earth, Christ will look at them and say: “You denied me in deed, if not word”. I’m pretty sure “I was just trying to fit in” will not go very far.

God loves everyone. God has also condemned many people. The two are not mutually exclusive, despite what the Rev. Feelgoods of the World say.

The Left in the West has done an excellent job in the past 130 years of getting intelligent people to believe that they are the sole controllers of their lives, and if they want it, whatever “it” is, it is elevated to the level of a “Right”.  They are about to find out that this could not be further from the truth. While our leaders from both political parties thought of new ways to shore up their power, other leaders were creating methods to bring us to our knees. Some saw an opportunity to devastate our economy through cyber-warfare. Now that all money is digital, it won’t be hard to do. Most Americans have no idea that their savings are simply electronic pulses held in magnetic memory. They will learn this when they find that their next meal is dirt.

Other foes are simply disgusted with our “culture”.  We celebrate sex, nudity, and drugs (I’m including alcohol) with far more gusto than we ever celebrated liberty or a chance at eternal life. They want to rid the planet of us as a favor to Allah. While I will fight them to the bitter end, I certainly see their point.

America has not been invaded since 1814. The last combat on American soil was in 1865, and that was with ourselves. These facts are not currently serving us well.  We are a soft, self-indulgent people with little real knowledge of the greater world.  Not only have 99% of our young adults never served in the military, but they have had little or no responsibility for their own lives.  Apparently, Americans are “children” until age 26.  This is just one sign of a dysfunctional culture. They were raised to believe that all war was evil, and therefore have no genuine concept of either fighting for good, or for survival.   Admiral Yamamoto called our nation a sleeping giant, but that was seventy years ago. I fear that this time, we will choose the Ambien dreams of our popular culture over the Truth of our imperiled existence.


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