George Washington warned Americans that political parties would endanger with the liberty of the citizenry.  Americans turned a deaf ear.

Dwight Eisenhower warned Americans that the military-industrial complex would endanger the liberty of the citizenry.  Americans turned a deaf ear.

In the wake of 9/11, Ron Paul warned that the “Patriot Act” would endanger the liberty of the citizenry.  This angered many Americans.

At each stage of America’s history, when there was a choice between liberty and safety, Americans have chosen safety.

“But this is different…”

No, it’s not.

“But with the technology available today…”

Bullshit, bullshit, feeble-minded bullshit!

Because of the choices we all have made, both at the polling place and with our voices, the United States of America will not last another three decades.  Why?  We, as a people, are not “united”.  The majority of Americans, liberals and conservatives alike, are rushing headlong into totalitarianism.  We are doing so while blaming the other camp for causing it.  Both parties are equally to blame.  Liberals and social-democrats want a government that is no longer “federal”, because any power to the states will interfere with womb-to-tomb “free” services to the most useless and worthless in our society.  States may enact “discriminatory” laws.  Every thinking (liberal) American knows that “discrimination” is every bit as evil as pedophilia, perhaps more so.

Conservatives want a government in which the population is totally, completely protected from any source of threat, whether external or internal.  The faux “right to privacy”, already discredited by the pro-life movement, is therefore not only unconstitutional, but dangerous.  The only way to protect Americans is to have one-hundred-percent total access to all information.  All information.

The only solution that I see is…


Those who wish to be fed, clothed, and dictated to by an overarching nanny-state can live happily on the west coast or the Acela Corridor, at least until those governments run out of other people’s money.

Those who wish to be protected from any ideology or idea other than their own can live in the south or mid-west, where they will have liberty, with the exception of privacy.

Yes, yes, I know.  many, remembering how it was during our nation’s Pax Americana will never agree to any event that disunites our fifty states.  These citizens have missed the event, which slithered past them while they watched the NFL or “the Voice”.  As a nation, we’ve been disunited for about two decades.  There exists in several European libraries letters from Roman Prefects, years and even decades after the last Roman Emperor abdicated, describing the necessity of continuing on with their provincial duties, even as they were completely ignored.  Many will do this.

Many, but not most.

The majority of adult Americans were born after the presidency of John Kennedy.  In fact, most adult Americans were born after the end of the Vietnam War in 1975.

The majority of adult Americans have never been formally educated in the Constitution of the United States, and many of those who have find it hopelessly outdated.  Many who clamor for a constitutional convention to return the nation to the rule of law would be very, very disappointed in the outcome.

This isn’t your father’s United States of America.

In fact, if you are over the age of 40, this isn’t even the America of your childhood!

Of course as I said, many people will create a construct of the America they used to know, and live in that cocoon until they die, or are forced into reality by “controlling forces”.  But they will probably be left alone as long as the taxes are paid.  They are no threat to the powers that be, and will hardly miss the liberty they rarely use,  “What can I do; I’m only one person”.

We are all, each one of us, only one person.

George Washington was only one person.

John Adams was only one person.

Abraham Lincoln was only one person.

The United States of America is doomed not by a foreign power or even by an insidious internal force.


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