I have recently been told by several people on the internet that I am a Marxist, or at least a Leftist. They have come to this conclusion because I have voiced support for a few European ultra-right groups.


Okay, it goes this way: to the “average” American conservative, ultra-right European political organizations are really Marxist.  In fact, if you listen to them carefully, what they are saying is that almost any political organization, movement, etc., that did not originate in the US is “Marxist”.  I know what Marxism is.  I’ve read Das Kapital – all three volumes.  I’ve also read Lenin and Trotsky.  I have a good grasp on Marxism and the Left in general.  Also, I don’t trust American education because, when it comes to political philosophy, it is like a 200 year-old barn; rotten to the core.  American public education goes from the pyramids to Caesar to Columbus to the American Revolution to Martin Luther King.  If it weren’t so sad, it would be hilarious.  Of course, it was designed by Marxists in the early twentieth century.  They even admit to it.  Americans aren’t stupid, they are ignorant by design.

So, having been maligned as a Marxist, I took the trouble to ask one of my accusers what facts he had in hand to indict me.

  • First, I am not a “conservative”, because my mission is to preserve not the Constitution, but Western civilization.
  • I do not condemn “Big Government” in all its forms.
  • I am tainted by fascist philosophers, and the American Conservative has twisted Fascism into Marxism somehow.  I guess it’s easier to hate “isms” when they are all in one basket.
  • I have tried to point out that National Socialism was not, and is not Fascist.  Just because Germany and Italy were allied during WWII doesn’t mean they were both Fascist.  The Soviet Union and the United States were also allies.  Was the Soviet Union a “liberal democracy”?  Please, people.  Use logic and reason.

I have some support for my views.  I doubt that you could find a single European Fascist, or Marxist for that matter, to agree with my accusers.  I will no longer try to convince those educated by “Classic Comics” that I am not a Marxist.  I no longer care what they think.  Okay – you got me!  I’m a Marxist who wants Marxism and Fabianism wiped off the face of the earth.  Whatever you say…


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