Democracy and the Democratic Party

There was an article in Breitbart today (11/17/2014) entitled: “The Left’s Destruction of the Democratic Party”, by Mike Flynn.  Flynn summarized the party’s slide from the center-left of LBJ, Clinton(s), and blue-dog Democrats to the ultra-left of Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama and Howard Dean.  It is curious that these Über-Democrats are not really interested in democracy at all.  Their foundational beliefs are that their base: the oppressed, downtrodden, economically-disadvantaged, should wield more political power than the majority because of their condition.  This has little to do with anything close to “democracy” and everything to do with the retention of political power.  I would take this time to remind Democrats that democracy is rule by the MAJORITY of the voters, but they would not be interested.   I will admit that I am not interested in democracy as such, and neither were the authors of the Constitution.  I don’t want a rule by the uneducated mob any more than I want a totalitarian state.  Actually, there would be no difference.

This far-left of the Democratic party is not democratic at all of course.  They are, if they were honest, at the most conservative, social-democrats in the European tradition, and in the case of leadership such as Elizabeth Warren, Howard Dean, and Barack Hussein Obama, Marxist-Socialists on a par with anything that Third-World sewers have ever offered.

Traditionally, the party base has been made up of three disparate groups: blue-collar trade union workers, leftist academics and the welfare recipients, or, as one journalists described them, the “housing-project bloc”.  As the party moves further and further to the hard-left ( there is no effective American Socialist Party to buffer the move), more and more of the blue-collar voters wander off to the GOP.  The academics are losing their punch with with students, who see a bleak wasteland of unemployment at the hands of the leftist economic engineers.  It’s not that student-aged voters are voting conservative; they just aren’t voting at all.

This leaves the one constituency that will never fail the party – the people I label “Ugimmes”.  The Ugimme voter is fed, clothed, and housed by the operations and creations of the Democratic Party.  Regardless of the polarity of Washington, D.C. at any given time, the unending, tireless stream of “free stuff” spews from the Poverty-Industrial Complex upon four generations who have never known work as those who fund this fountain of goodies do.  The slightest move toward lessening the flow causes eruptions of “Racism!  Racism!”

Very soon, the tap will be closed.  Then it will be welded shut.

Let “democracy” play out.


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