The Changing Definition of War

There was a time when everyone knew what the term “war” meant.   War was understood as armed conflict between two or more states.  This conflict was (usually) fought by armed forces sponsored by the states.  I say sponsored because while there were levies (draftees), most of the force was made up of mercenaries paid by the monarch’s treasury.  This condition prevailed until the Napoleonic Wars, when national armies actually became national, made up of farmers and tradesmen molded into professional forces.

World War I changed the meaning of war as it changed almost everything else in society.  War became industrial slaughter.  Soldiers had gone from objects of glory to items to be “consumed”.  And consumed they were.  After WWI came the Russian Civil War, followed by the Spanish Civil War, in both cases far more brutal than wars of the nineteenth century.  While civilians had been “collateral damage” in wars since prehistory, now they were actually being targeted.  no one was safe.

The Second World War brought with it the wholesale slaughter of the civilian populations.  The Germans for reasons of demented philosophy, The Soviets for revenge, and the Western Allies for expediency.  All were guilty.  The age of Absolute War had begun.

Now we have moved both forward and backward in history.  We are now faced with an “existential threat” as groups of Islamic terrorist armies are coalescing to destroy Western Civilization.  On the Western side, we have three camps, the infighting among which may lead to Western defeat.  There are those who understand the superiority of Western culture are more than willing to destroy any threat to it.  Any threat.  completely, totally.  I am counted among that camp.

The second camp is the Christian-Pacifist camp.  They earnestly quote scriptures while attempting to explain that even ISIL terrorists are God’s children.  Not my God.  My God lives in Valhalla and expects me to die with a bloody sword in my hand.  Everyone has his own favorite myth.  That’s what they are.  Pacifists have never stopped a war.  They have never found their unicorn.  They will never be anything but victims.

The third camp is the dedicated leftist camp.  They are the most puzzling, because while they defend Islamists, they must know that in the event of the creation of a Caliphate, they will be executed before anyone else due to their defense of homosexuality, “popular culture” and other liberal “rights” that exist only in the most deceased minds.  This is the most unfortunate group, because they are targeted by both Islamists and the Western Civilization camp for total eradication.  Whatever happens, they are doomed.

Because of the way WWII is taught in schools, especially government schools, and the residual effects of the Vietnam conflict, Americans younger than forty (except for those who served) have only the vaguest notions of what war actually is, and more importantly, why it happens.  Until they learn, I will consider their opinions as the babbling of the village idiot.  To those who have served, I salute you.  To those who will serve, you are in my prayers.  Know that Western Civilization, even if you were prevented from learning about it by socialist teachers, is very much worth fighting for.

This struggle, which we have already entered, is generational, as was the Crusades.  This is a war of choice only for those who want to be slaughtered by both sides.  Unfortunately, some will take that path.

 “Tell me, Frank, just how many brown people would you sacrifice to save the West?”

                                                               “All of them.”



I think perhaps it is time to consider this – exactly what is Obamaism?
Even with the activity of ISIL and the supposed “lone wolf” Islamist attacks in Europe in recent weeks, the President of the United States has not lifted one finger to help the nations now bearing the brunt of the attack on ISIL. He has not made a single public address in which he names the enemy, and his sycophants in the State Dept. wish to offer the young terrorists of ISIL jobs in order to encourage them to disarm.

I think that it’s time to consider the fact that the 44th President of the United States has great sympathy for, and may actually be aiding and abetting Islamist terrorists.  If it were found out that Obama was a closet Muslim, I doubt many would be surprised.  But I don’t think that’s really the situation.

I think that Barack Hussein Obama is most likely an atheist who is using Islamist terrorists to cripple the United States of America.  He is doing this to fulfill his promise to recreate America to be “just another nation”.  In his view, the world does not need superpowers.  Any move toward capitulation to China or the Russian Federation would simply be shifting power from one superpower to another, which is not his goal.  However, using Islamists to cripple the United States, incite Muslim rebellion in the other two major world powers, and create a Caliphate to keep Europe from becoming a military power, would all be in service to his philosophy.

Think about it.

Odds and Ends III

But I Have Rights!

Have you ever wondered if the citizens who squeal about their “rights” have any idea what their rights are, where they came from, or that they just can’t make them up as they go along?  In case they are reading this (They can read?),  let me outline them:

  • Amendment 1: Guarantees the right to freedom of religion, speach, the press, assembly, and petition.  [Note that religion is listed first.]
  • Amendment 2: Guarantees the right of individuals to keep and bear arms.
  • Amendment 3: No citizenshall be forced to quarter soldiers.
  • Amendment 4: All citzens shall be secure in themselves, their houses, papers and effects from search and seizure.
  • Amendment 5: Right to defense in criminal cases.
  • Amendment 6: Right to a fair trial.
  • Amendment 7: Rights in civil cases.
  • Amendment 8: No excessive bail, fines, or cruel and unusual punishment.
  • Amendment 9: Other rights not enumerated  in the Constitution are held by the people.
  • Amendment 10: Powers not deligated to the United States by the Constitution are reserved to the states.
  • Amendment 15: Right to vote regardless of race or color.
  • Amendment 19: Right of women to vote.

That’s all folks.  No matter what your local socialist community organizer told you, you have no legal right to a house, food, a job, a car, a drivers license, healthcare, a flat-screen TV, booze, or child care.  If you think you have other “God-given” rights, go whine to God.  Personally, I find Jefferson’s attribution of rights from God a little presumptuous.  Your rights were given to you by the Constitution.  One of the greatest quotes from my favorite legal scholar, Jack McCoy, is “Man has only the rights he can defend”.  I think that says it all.

You Have to Understand …

This seems to be the opening phrase out of every Leftist mouth about any controversial subject.   I have a few answers to that:

  1. I understand far more than you do, because while you have been getting your Marxist talking points straight, I’ve actually been delving into the subject, reading all sides.
  2. Leftist intellectualism is about as deep as a rain puddle on a summer street.  If I sound superior, it’s because I am.
  3. I have to what?  No.  I.  Don’t.

Jordan, The UAE, and Now Egypt.  Where is USA?

Jordan and the UAE have been pounding ISIL in both Iraq and Syria.  Every single F-16 in the Royal Jordanian Air Force is involved.  Most of the UAE Air Force is also committed.  The Egyptian Air Force is now pounding ISIL targets in Libya.  The US, with more air force personnel that the UAE has citizens, flies about the same number of sorties per day.  Are we committed?  Not even maybe.  Does our President want to win?  No.  Why would he want to defeat his own people?  I’m looking forward to the books that will come from the General officers now serving our Imam-in Chief.

Three Reasons Why the Left Wants America “Put in Its Place”

1.  Racism.  This reason towers over all others.  It is a thought crime that cannot go unpunished.  It makes no difference that all peoples and social/ethnic groups have “discriminated” at some point in history, and that, in fact, most still do.  For America, once a racist, always a racist.  In fact the invective now is used to taint those whose objectionable behavior has nothing to do at all with race or ethnicity.  The term is used because in “polite society”, there is no defense.

2. Social Justice.  This is indelibly entwined with racism.  It is the economic component of racism.  The people whose ancestors were slaves eight generations ago  are still so “culturally traumatised” that many cannot work.  Some do not even understand the concept.  Even fewer are willing to participate in the educational system.  The American educational system may be run almost exclusively by the Left, but it’s the White Left, and therefore participation is traumatic.  There is an implicit understanding in the Social Justice community that employers should simply hire the unemployed.  The employer’s ability to have work for the employee or to have the necessary funds to pay the employee are not worthy of consideration.

3. Hegemony.  Ever since [Fill in your favorite decade] America has been dictating policy, propping up oppressive dictators, and sucking dry the economies of struggling Third World (read as: dark-skinned) nations.  First under the guise of the “White Man’s burden”, then anti-communism, and now the global war on terrorism.  There is nothing that the United States will not do to oppress Third World minorities, all due to profit and racism.

A Rational Reply to the Hysterical Left 

1. Racism.  Racism is as old as humanity.  Actually it’s older.  Bands of Chimpanzees will fight each other to the death not over territory, but simply because they are from different bands.

Before long-distance travel was commonplace, everyone a person saw looked and spoke like him.  Of course there were places like ports and caravanserai where many cultures mingled, but it was commercial mingling.  They usually did not mix in the way we think of today, at least not outside of “pleasure houses”.

As a result of the Second World War, racism has become a social crime worse than murder or pediphelia.  If World War II had never occurred, would the Civil Rights Movement even have happened?  Just think about the number of vaunted universities that have recently  hired 1960s  Leftist radicals who have actually served prison sentences for murder or bomb-making.  Or the struggles of “faculty associations” to preserve the tenure of professors found guilty of various sex crimes, including pediphelia.  Can you imagine one single university defending its right to hire a “racist”?

Racism is as natural to humanity as eating, sleeping, and the desire to protect one’s children.

2. Social Justice.  In order to understand this term, you must use your Leftist dictionary.  Remember that everything in the Leftist Universe reduces down to economics.  That’s the reason why most Leftists are atheists – you can’t reduce a god or spirituality down to economics.  In its most basic form, social justice is redistribution of wealth.  If the Leftists are clever, and want to avoid pushback from the bourgeoisie, they use the terms “taxation’ and “tax credits”.   The tax credits go to those who don’t actually pay taxes, and those credits are financed by producers, who pay taxes.  Tax credits are a reward for being unable to work because society has oppressed you, or because you’ve been far too busy squirting out fatherless children.

In Social Justice World, an employer should hire an employee not because of the candidate’s skills, experience, or work ethic, but because he’s been oppressed.  Skills can be learned (they usually aren’t), experience is simply a ruse used to hire the oppressive class, and work ethic is just another way to reward “Uncle Toms”.

In essence, the Left considers work, unless performed for government bureaucracy or non-profit organizations, to be just one more avenue to further oppress the downtrodden.  Carried to the logical (Marxist) end point, no one would work for “the man” because the man would have given up long ago.  As seen in every socialist society, consumer goods become scarce, then disappear altogether.  This isn’t a reference to luxury cars and Italian suits, but commodities like food and toilet paper.

3. Hegemony.  Ah, yes.  The American Empire.  This may shock, but in some sense, I agree completely.  There is a long list of American or American-run international global corporations that have stripped Third World nations of resources, leaving toxic wreckage and diseased people in their wake.  And no, these corporations are rarely punished for reasons of economics.  The problem is that corporations cannot be sentenced to prison, but only be forced to pay fines.  On this, I have to agree with the Left.  If directors knew they could face rotting in prison; a Third World prison, for thirty years, they would pay more attention to the actions of the corporation and demand more accountability from management.  I’m all for that.

As for the political aspect of empire, the United States, at least since 1898, has not seized any other nations land as its own.  At worst, America has tried to instill “democracy” on cultures that do not value it. At best, America has liberated a large portion of the world’s population from tyranny.  Of course the American fever for representative democracy has become a religion for both center-right and center-left, with no regard for the culture or society it is imposed upon.  However, the United States has not, even when the opportunity was great, created a political empire.  In fact, in the post-WWII era, US relations with European empires was strained due to US support for self determination in colonial possessions.

Why Imperium?

Some of you may have wondered where I got the name for my blogsite.  I named it after the title of a seminal book authored by an American icon and pioneer of the New Right movement.  Francis Parker Yockey was a native Chicagoan, attorney, political philosopher, and American prosecutor at the Nuremberg Tribunals.  While he was interested in rightist politics from his college years, it was his participation at Nuremberg that set him on a path to become one of the founders of the New Right movement.  Yockey’s works are still in print after more than sixty years, and there is also an excellent biography of him.

Since you’ve read the above, I need to clarify the term “New Right”.  I looked up the term in three well-respected dictionaries and was rewarded with three closely similar definitions, none of which were correct.  Then I realized that these were uniquely American definitions, and had nothing to do with the global, or at least European-anglophone label of New Right.  The definitions I found described the various Tea Parties and the most conservative wing of the GOP.  That’s not even close.  New Right activists were most likely never Republicans.  They have been described as a “brain without a body” due to their hesitance in associating with some of the “earthier” über-right groups.  Even the most conservative member of the GOP or Tea Party is center-right by any definition.  The New Right is truly Über-Right.  The dictionary editors obviously just don’t get it.

For a great introduction into the New Right, go to:

A moment’s reflection shows that Liberalism is entirely negative. It is not a formative force, but always and only a disintegrating force.

                                                                                                                                                          Francis Parker Yockey

Odds and Ends II

  • In my January 27th blog – “Mike Church and Me”, I apparently was quite misunderstood by some.  I was in no way announcing my conversion to Roman Catholic Christianity  or any other form of the religion.  I was expressing admiration for Mike Church and others who identify as Christians who actually tune their political beliefs into their religious beliefs.  My religion is not that of Mike Church.  In fact, I don’t call myself a Christian because frankly, I don’t believe in either the virgin birth or the resurrection.  According to the 2000 year-old tenets of orthodox Christianity, that makes me a heretic, and that’s okay with me.  I suspect there are a lot of heretics in very high places in many Christian denominations.  They should be honest with themselves and others.
  • There has developed over the last decade or so a veritable industry in the US dedicated to providing cover for Islamist terrorists by screaming at the top of their lungs that “Islam is a peaceful religion”.  And yet the victims of militant Islam keep multiplying while American liberals decry the “violence”, usually that of US and allied forces.  Let me be very, very clear.  I do not respect these people.  I do not respect them as people, or even as life-forms.  I do not care what their reasoning is, or who they are related to.  I do not feel that I “have to” be nice to them in public out of respect to others.  If someone is offended by this attitude, that is their problem.  I could not possibly care less.  traitors always have excuses.
  • Unless something is done about that creature in the White House, I fear that the United States will have no allies to speak of soon.  And now we are faced with a coming Presidential election in which both major parties are set to nominate candidates who will talk tough but will no doubt deliver the same performance.  “The fault , dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves…”
  • One of the greatest disasters of the current regime is “affordable healthcare” which seems to be only a plan to shorten US lifespans and lower the healthcare standards for society’s “makers”.  While few like the plan, even fewer seem to have connected the dots.
  • Most of this regime’s “accomplishments” will not be reversed, even if it is succeeded by a Republican administration.  If the truth were known, the GOP doesn’t have any particular objections to many of Obama’s policies, they are just glad they’ve got political cover.
  • Leaving on a happy note, the Second Amendment is still intact – for now.

Odds and Ends

Active Conservatives, Passive Conservatives, and the Revolutionary Right

The Presidential election of 2016 is shaping up to be a defining moment for the 49 – 51% of the population who identify with some sort of “conservative” label.  In the next twenty-one months, those that claim the conservative moniker are going to have to decide exactly what banner to stand under.

I suspect that those who decide they are active conservatives: those who actually attend political functions, right-to-life rallies, etc., are going to be drifting over to the Cruz/Paul camp.  Some may find themselves with Huckabee or Rubio, but they haven’t really defined themselves yet, and I suspect both will end up in the mainstream GOP camp at some point.  Passive conservatives will gather around Bush/Christie/Bland candidate yet to surface.  No matter what the activists say, this will probably produce the party nominee, because the only thing the GOP hates worse than “liberal activism” is edgy.  Dark suits, wing-tips, weekend golf, ability to make a deal.  That’s their guy.  The GOP is still locked like a laser on the middle-aged-white vote, and will be until there are only six left.  While the Left is rarely correct  about their own policies, they have hit the nail on the head about the GOP.  If they continue to estrange the minority voter, they will soon have no impact in American politics.

The Revolutionary Right watches all this with amusement.  Not because they have a better candidate – they know there isn’t one chance in a million that they could have a GOP nominee, nor would they want one.  They smile because no matter the earnestness of the activists, the money wing of the party will always win.  The RR looks on at the GOP like someone suffering from bipolar disorder.  A base that wants LIBERTY, but is so easily duped, and a leadership that wants to play Let’s Make a Deal while engineering as much money for their K Street friends as they can.

If the election is between Clinton and Bush, I simply don’t care.  “But if Hillary wins, it will be so much worse!”

That’s just not the way I see it.

Listening and Hearing

Courtesy of the federal government, I was given an educational experience that, when I choose to use it, vastly increases my knowledge of a person’s motivations, or lack of awareness.  I admit that over the years, I have gotten lazy about using it.  It involves listening carefully to a person and picking up when they completely contradict themselves without knowing it. I surprised myself recently when I was faced with examples of conservatives adopting a leftist thought mode.  While I don’t think I’m stupid, I have assumed for some time that when confronted with a choice between nation or religion as their first loyalty, most on the Left go to nation (The People), while most conservatives, especially Christians, will put the nation second to their faith.  While that may be how conservatives would answer a polling question, I have seen several examples recently where conservatives have ditched orthodox Christian beliefs in favor of orthodox conservative political positions that totally violate orthodox Christian tenets without so much as a blink of the eye.

Pollsters need to write better questions.  True Christians should run their political positions through their Gospel filter before answering pollsters.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

1990 – The Soviet Union was disintegrating into a messy morass, peaceful (mostly) free-market revolutions were spreading with lightning speed throughout Eastern Europe, and Francis Fukuyama was declaring “The end of history”.   As we watched the Berlin Wall come down, I turned to my then-wife and said: “We’re next”.  She nodded and said: “Fifty years.”  I replied with “Thirty”.  I think I’m going to win.

It Will Never Happen Here

At the turn of the Twentieth Century, there was one place in all of Europe where Jews felt completely safe.  They had truly assimilated into the culture.  In fact, they actually played a large part in creating the culture.  They were in government, the military, etc.  They weren’t among the nobility, but they didn’t care.

That place was Germany.

Whenever I hear anyone, regardless of political leanings, say “That wouldn’t happen here”, I have only one thought:


Read History

Marxists say that history is “progressive”.  Having read Marx (much more than the average Marxist), I understand exactly how that is supposed to have worked, and from a certain point of view, it really does work.  Of course I’m talking about an historical theory, not the economic one, which is also very attractive until you try it.  History is cyclical.  It always has been and always will be.  The only thing that has ever changed is technology, which has of course modified the amount of land area that can be destroyed.

In the Middle Ages in Europe, some people, their souls on fire with Christian zeal, claimed they could see angels all around them.  They were generally given shelter in monasteries and convents.  These days we call them progressives and they join Code Pink, the Committee for Peace and Justice, and the left end of the Democratic Party. Democratic political operatives think they are crazy but useful.  Marxists think they are crazy but useful.  Conservatives think they are pathetic.  The Revolutionary Right just sees them as useful, but in a very different way.

Being cyclical, history will give birth to another “Age of Enlightenment”, but it will also give birth to another age of Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, etc.  I’m pretty sure that will be coming before enlightenment.

Who Do You Believe, Them or Your Lying Eyes?

I am fascinated by the Millennial generation.  This is a generation that has been educated almost entirely by dedicated Leftists.  While many think they are “conservative”, they continue to spout leftist drivel without even knowing from whence it came, or how ridiculous it sounds.  They have a unique ability to look at the world with open eyes, and then   use the non-sequiturs and psycho-babble of the Left to try to  deny what is right in front of them.  That is the power of education.  The Left decided a century ago that the most sure way to turn America was through education.  Socialists like Francis Bellamy (1855 – 1931) were hard-core champions of “public” education over the then widespread parochial schools, because the Left could not influence children the “right way” in religious schools.  Bellamy, a hard-core socialist, also wrote the Pledge of Allegiance as a way to cement loyalty to the state rather than to God.  The “Under God” phrase was added in 1955 by the Knights of Columbus, a Roman Catholic organization.  Now, conservative patriots get into shouting matches with school board members over whether or not a socialist pseudo-religious mantra (the Pledge) should be discontinued in public schools.  Hilarious!

Other humorous examples of Leftist trickery:

  • Yes, White people are the largest group of EBT card recipients by number, but as a percentage, they are totally dwarfed by the number of Blacks.
  • In some major urban areas, almost 100% of the murders and other violent crime is Black-on-Black, and yet we are told most White cops are racist and Black lives matter.  Apparently not to Blacks.
  • A supposedly real “news organization”, NBC, decided a few years ago that Al Sharpton was a journalist, and gave him a show.  He’s  still there.  If you’re about to do tell me that MSNBC isn’t NBC, do your homework!  MSNBC has been a part of the NBC News Division for years.  Not that it matters.  Everything that comes out of NBC News Division leans far to the left of CNN.  If you think Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams aren’t leftists, you too may be a socialist!  Brokaw endeared himself to America with the “Greatest Generation”.  America’s greatest generation had far more Communist Party members by percentage of population than there are today.  In fact, that generation was the high water mark of American Communism.

The bottom line is that people who call themselves conservatives really need to pay attention.  They aren’t.  Of course, the meaning of “conservative” is one who is trying to conserve ideas and traditions from the past.  Socialism is one of those ideas and traditions.  Maybe I’ve misunderstood conservatism all these years.

That’s why I describe myself as a Right Revolutionary.