Odds and Ends

Active Conservatives, Passive Conservatives, and the Revolutionary Right

The Presidential election of 2016 is shaping up to be a defining moment for the 49 – 51% of the population who identify with some sort of “conservative” label.  In the next twenty-one months, those that claim the conservative moniker are going to have to decide exactly what banner to stand under.

I suspect that those who decide they are active conservatives: those who actually attend political functions, right-to-life rallies, etc., are going to be drifting over to the Cruz/Paul camp.  Some may find themselves with Huckabee or Rubio, but they haven’t really defined themselves yet, and I suspect both will end up in the mainstream GOP camp at some point.  Passive conservatives will gather around Bush/Christie/Bland candidate yet to surface.  No matter what the activists say, this will probably produce the party nominee, because the only thing the GOP hates worse than “liberal activism” is edgy.  Dark suits, wing-tips, weekend golf, ability to make a deal.  That’s their guy.  The GOP is still locked like a laser on the middle-aged-white vote, and will be until there are only six left.  While the Left is rarely correct  about their own policies, they have hit the nail on the head about the GOP.  If they continue to estrange the minority voter, they will soon have no impact in American politics.

The Revolutionary Right watches all this with amusement.  Not because they have a better candidate – they know there isn’t one chance in a million that they could have a GOP nominee, nor would they want one.  They smile because no matter the earnestness of the activists, the money wing of the party will always win.  The RR looks on at the GOP like someone suffering from bipolar disorder.  A base that wants LIBERTY, but is so easily duped, and a leadership that wants to play Let’s Make a Deal while engineering as much money for their K Street friends as they can.

If the election is between Clinton and Bush, I simply don’t care.  “But if Hillary wins, it will be so much worse!”

That’s just not the way I see it.

Listening and Hearing

Courtesy of the federal government, I was given an educational experience that, when I choose to use it, vastly increases my knowledge of a person’s motivations, or lack of awareness.  I admit that over the years, I have gotten lazy about using it.  It involves listening carefully to a person and picking up when they completely contradict themselves without knowing it. I surprised myself recently when I was faced with examples of conservatives adopting a leftist thought mode.  While I don’t think I’m stupid, I have assumed for some time that when confronted with a choice between nation or religion as their first loyalty, most on the Left go to nation (The People), while most conservatives, especially Christians, will put the nation second to their faith.  While that may be how conservatives would answer a polling question, I have seen several examples recently where conservatives have ditched orthodox Christian beliefs in favor of orthodox conservative political positions that totally violate orthodox Christian tenets without so much as a blink of the eye.

Pollsters need to write better questions.  True Christians should run their political positions through their Gospel filter before answering pollsters.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

1990 – The Soviet Union was disintegrating into a messy morass, peaceful (mostly) free-market revolutions were spreading with lightning speed throughout Eastern Europe, and Francis Fukuyama was declaring “The end of history”.   As we watched the Berlin Wall come down, I turned to my then-wife and said: “We’re next”.  She nodded and said: “Fifty years.”  I replied with “Thirty”.  I think I’m going to win.

It Will Never Happen Here

At the turn of the Twentieth Century, there was one place in all of Europe where Jews felt completely safe.  They had truly assimilated into the culture.  In fact, they actually played a large part in creating the culture.  They were in government, the military, etc.  They weren’t among the nobility, but they didn’t care.

That place was Germany.

Whenever I hear anyone, regardless of political leanings, say “That wouldn’t happen here”, I have only one thought:


Read History

Marxists say that history is “progressive”.  Having read Marx (much more than the average Marxist), I understand exactly how that is supposed to have worked, and from a certain point of view, it really does work.  Of course I’m talking about an historical theory, not the economic one, which is also very attractive until you try it.  History is cyclical.  It always has been and always will be.  The only thing that has ever changed is technology, which has of course modified the amount of land area that can be destroyed.

In the Middle Ages in Europe, some people, their souls on fire with Christian zeal, claimed they could see angels all around them.  They were generally given shelter in monasteries and convents.  These days we call them progressives and they join Code Pink, the Committee for Peace and Justice, and the left end of the Democratic Party. Democratic political operatives think they are crazy but useful.  Marxists think they are crazy but useful.  Conservatives think they are pathetic.  The Revolutionary Right just sees them as useful, but in a very different way.

Being cyclical, history will give birth to another “Age of Enlightenment”, but it will also give birth to another age of Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, etc.  I’m pretty sure that will be coming before enlightenment.

Who Do You Believe, Them or Your Lying Eyes?

I am fascinated by the Millennial generation.  This is a generation that has been educated almost entirely by dedicated Leftists.  While many think they are “conservative”, they continue to spout leftist drivel without even knowing from whence it came, or how ridiculous it sounds.  They have a unique ability to look at the world with open eyes, and then   use the non-sequiturs and psycho-babble of the Left to try to  deny what is right in front of them.  That is the power of education.  The Left decided a century ago that the most sure way to turn America was through education.  Socialists like Francis Bellamy (1855 – 1931) were hard-core champions of “public” education over the then widespread parochial schools, because the Left could not influence children the “right way” in religious schools.  Bellamy, a hard-core socialist, also wrote the Pledge of Allegiance as a way to cement loyalty to the state rather than to God.  The “Under God” phrase was added in 1955 by the Knights of Columbus, a Roman Catholic organization.  Now, conservative patriots get into shouting matches with school board members over whether or not a socialist pseudo-religious mantra (the Pledge) should be discontinued in public schools.  Hilarious!

Other humorous examples of Leftist trickery:

  • Yes, White people are the largest group of EBT card recipients by number, but as a percentage, they are totally dwarfed by the number of Blacks.
  • In some major urban areas, almost 100% of the murders and other violent crime is Black-on-Black, and yet we are told most White cops are racist and Black lives matter.  Apparently not to Blacks.
  • A supposedly real “news organization”, NBC, decided a few years ago that Al Sharpton was a journalist, and gave him a show.  He’s  still there.  If you’re about to do tell me that MSNBC isn’t NBC, do your homework!  MSNBC has been a part of the NBC News Division for years.  Not that it matters.  Everything that comes out of NBC News Division leans far to the left of CNN.  If you think Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams aren’t leftists, you too may be a socialist!  Brokaw endeared himself to America with the “Greatest Generation”.  America’s greatest generation had far more Communist Party members by percentage of population than there are today.  In fact, that generation was the high water mark of American Communism.

The bottom line is that people who call themselves conservatives really need to pay attention.  They aren’t.  Of course, the meaning of “conservative” is one who is trying to conserve ideas and traditions from the past.  Socialism is one of those ideas and traditions.  Maybe I’ve misunderstood conservatism all these years.

That’s why I describe myself as a Right Revolutionary.


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