Odds and Ends II

  • In my January 27th blog – “Mike Church and Me”, I apparently was quite misunderstood by some.  I was in no way announcing my conversion to Roman Catholic Christianity  or any other form of the religion.  I was expressing admiration for Mike Church and others who identify as Christians who actually tune their political beliefs into their religious beliefs.  My religion is not that of Mike Church.  In fact, I don’t call myself a Christian because frankly, I don’t believe in either the virgin birth or the resurrection.  According to the 2000 year-old tenets of orthodox Christianity, that makes me a heretic, and that’s okay with me.  I suspect there are a lot of heretics in very high places in many Christian denominations.  They should be honest with themselves and others.
  • There has developed over the last decade or so a veritable industry in the US dedicated to providing cover for Islamist terrorists by screaming at the top of their lungs that “Islam is a peaceful religion”.  And yet the victims of militant Islam keep multiplying while American liberals decry the “violence”, usually that of US and allied forces.  Let me be very, very clear.  I do not respect these people.  I do not respect them as people, or even as life-forms.  I do not care what their reasoning is, or who they are related to.  I do not feel that I “have to” be nice to them in public out of respect to others.  If someone is offended by this attitude, that is their problem.  I could not possibly care less.  traitors always have excuses.
  • Unless something is done about that creature in the White House, I fear that the United States will have no allies to speak of soon.  And now we are faced with a coming Presidential election in which both major parties are set to nominate candidates who will talk tough but will no doubt deliver the same performance.  “The fault , dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves…”
  • One of the greatest disasters of the current regime is “affordable healthcare” which seems to be only a plan to shorten US lifespans and lower the healthcare standards for society’s “makers”.  While few like the plan, even fewer seem to have connected the dots.
  • Most of this regime’s “accomplishments” will not be reversed, even if it is succeeded by a Republican administration.  If the truth were known, the GOP doesn’t have any particular objections to many of Obama’s policies, they are just glad they’ve got political cover.
  • Leaving on a happy note, the Second Amendment is still intact – for now.

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