Why Imperium?

Some of you may have wondered where I got the name for my blogsite.  I named it after the title of a seminal book authored by an American icon and pioneer of the New Right movement.  Francis Parker Yockey was a native Chicagoan, attorney, political philosopher, and American prosecutor at the Nuremberg Tribunals.  While he was interested in rightist politics from his college years, it was his participation at Nuremberg that set him on a path to become one of the founders of the New Right movement.  Yockey’s works are still in print after more than sixty years, and there is also an excellent biography of him.

Since you’ve read the above, I need to clarify the term “New Right”.  I looked up the term in three well-respected dictionaries and was rewarded with three closely similar definitions, none of which were correct.  Then I realized that these were uniquely American definitions, and had nothing to do with the global, or at least European-anglophone label of New Right.  The definitions I found described the various Tea Parties and the most conservative wing of the GOP.  That’s not even close.  New Right activists were most likely never Republicans.  They have been described as a “brain without a body” due to their hesitance in associating with some of the “earthier” über-right groups.  Even the most conservative member of the GOP or Tea Party is center-right by any definition.  The New Right is truly Über-Right.  The dictionary editors obviously just don’t get it.

For a great introduction into the New Right, go to: http://www.counter-currents.com/north-american-new-right/

A moment’s reflection shows that Liberalism is entirely negative. It is not a formative force, but always and only a disintegrating force.

                                                                                                                                                          Francis Parker Yockey


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