Three Reasons Why the Left Wants America “Put in Its Place”

1.  Racism.  This reason towers over all others.  It is a thought crime that cannot go unpunished.  It makes no difference that all peoples and social/ethnic groups have “discriminated” at some point in history, and that, in fact, most still do.  For America, once a racist, always a racist.  In fact the invective now is used to taint those whose objectionable behavior has nothing to do at all with race or ethnicity.  The term is used because in “polite society”, there is no defense.

2. Social Justice.  This is indelibly entwined with racism.  It is the economic component of racism.  The people whose ancestors were slaves eight generations ago  are still so “culturally traumatised” that many cannot work.  Some do not even understand the concept.  Even fewer are willing to participate in the educational system.  The American educational system may be run almost exclusively by the Left, but it’s the White Left, and therefore participation is traumatic.  There is an implicit understanding in the Social Justice community that employers should simply hire the unemployed.  The employer’s ability to have work for the employee or to have the necessary funds to pay the employee are not worthy of consideration.

3. Hegemony.  Ever since [Fill in your favorite decade] America has been dictating policy, propping up oppressive dictators, and sucking dry the economies of struggling Third World (read as: dark-skinned) nations.  First under the guise of the “White Man’s burden”, then anti-communism, and now the global war on terrorism.  There is nothing that the United States will not do to oppress Third World minorities, all due to profit and racism.

A Rational Reply to the Hysterical Left 

1. Racism.  Racism is as old as humanity.  Actually it’s older.  Bands of Chimpanzees will fight each other to the death not over territory, but simply because they are from different bands.

Before long-distance travel was commonplace, everyone a person saw looked and spoke like him.  Of course there were places like ports and caravanserai where many cultures mingled, but it was commercial mingling.  They usually did not mix in the way we think of today, at least not outside of “pleasure houses”.

As a result of the Second World War, racism has become a social crime worse than murder or pediphelia.  If World War II had never occurred, would the Civil Rights Movement even have happened?  Just think about the number of vaunted universities that have recently  hired 1960s  Leftist radicals who have actually served prison sentences for murder or bomb-making.  Or the struggles of “faculty associations” to preserve the tenure of professors found guilty of various sex crimes, including pediphelia.  Can you imagine one single university defending its right to hire a “racist”?

Racism is as natural to humanity as eating, sleeping, and the desire to protect one’s children.

2. Social Justice.  In order to understand this term, you must use your Leftist dictionary.  Remember that everything in the Leftist Universe reduces down to economics.  That’s the reason why most Leftists are atheists – you can’t reduce a god or spirituality down to economics.  In its most basic form, social justice is redistribution of wealth.  If the Leftists are clever, and want to avoid pushback from the bourgeoisie, they use the terms “taxation’ and “tax credits”.   The tax credits go to those who don’t actually pay taxes, and those credits are financed by producers, who pay taxes.  Tax credits are a reward for being unable to work because society has oppressed you, or because you’ve been far too busy squirting out fatherless children.

In Social Justice World, an employer should hire an employee not because of the candidate’s skills, experience, or work ethic, but because he’s been oppressed.  Skills can be learned (they usually aren’t), experience is simply a ruse used to hire the oppressive class, and work ethic is just another way to reward “Uncle Toms”.

In essence, the Left considers work, unless performed for government bureaucracy or non-profit organizations, to be just one more avenue to further oppress the downtrodden.  Carried to the logical (Marxist) end point, no one would work for “the man” because the man would have given up long ago.  As seen in every socialist society, consumer goods become scarce, then disappear altogether.  This isn’t a reference to luxury cars and Italian suits, but commodities like food and toilet paper.

3. Hegemony.  Ah, yes.  The American Empire.  This may shock, but in some sense, I agree completely.  There is a long list of American or American-run international global corporations that have stripped Third World nations of resources, leaving toxic wreckage and diseased people in their wake.  And no, these corporations are rarely punished for reasons of economics.  The problem is that corporations cannot be sentenced to prison, but only be forced to pay fines.  On this, I have to agree with the Left.  If directors knew they could face rotting in prison; a Third World prison, for thirty years, they would pay more attention to the actions of the corporation and demand more accountability from management.  I’m all for that.

As for the political aspect of empire, the United States, at least since 1898, has not seized any other nations land as its own.  At worst, America has tried to instill “democracy” on cultures that do not value it. At best, America has liberated a large portion of the world’s population from tyranny.  Of course the American fever for representative democracy has become a religion for both center-right and center-left, with no regard for the culture or society it is imposed upon.  However, the United States has not, even when the opportunity was great, created a political empire.  In fact, in the post-WWII era, US relations with European empires was strained due to US support for self determination in colonial possessions.


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