Odds and Ends III

But I Have Rights!

Have you ever wondered if the citizens who squeal about their “rights” have any idea what their rights are, where they came from, or that they just can’t make them up as they go along?  In case they are reading this (They can read?),  let me outline them:

  • Amendment 1: Guarantees the right to freedom of religion, speach, the press, assembly, and petition.  [Note that religion is listed first.]
  • Amendment 2: Guarantees the right of individuals to keep and bear arms.
  • Amendment 3: No citizenshall be forced to quarter soldiers.
  • Amendment 4: All citzens shall be secure in themselves, their houses, papers and effects from search and seizure.
  • Amendment 5: Right to defense in criminal cases.
  • Amendment 6: Right to a fair trial.
  • Amendment 7: Rights in civil cases.
  • Amendment 8: No excessive bail, fines, or cruel and unusual punishment.
  • Amendment 9: Other rights not enumerated  in the Constitution are held by the people.
  • Amendment 10: Powers not deligated to the United States by the Constitution are reserved to the states.
  • Amendment 15: Right to vote regardless of race or color.
  • Amendment 19: Right of women to vote.

That’s all folks.  No matter what your local socialist community organizer told you, you have no legal right to a house, food, a job, a car, a drivers license, healthcare, a flat-screen TV, booze, or child care.  If you think you have other “God-given” rights, go whine to God.  Personally, I find Jefferson’s attribution of rights from God a little presumptuous.  Your rights were given to you by the Constitution.  One of the greatest quotes from my favorite legal scholar, Jack McCoy, is “Man has only the rights he can defend”.  I think that says it all.

You Have to Understand …

This seems to be the opening phrase out of every Leftist mouth about any controversial subject.   I have a few answers to that:

  1. I understand far more than you do, because while you have been getting your Marxist talking points straight, I’ve actually been delving into the subject, reading all sides.
  2. Leftist intellectualism is about as deep as a rain puddle on a summer street.  If I sound superior, it’s because I am.
  3. I have to what?  No.  I.  Don’t.

Jordan, The UAE, and Now Egypt.  Where is USA?

Jordan and the UAE have been pounding ISIL in both Iraq and Syria.  Every single F-16 in the Royal Jordanian Air Force is involved.  Most of the UAE Air Force is also committed.  The Egyptian Air Force is now pounding ISIL targets in Libya.  The US, with more air force personnel that the UAE has citizens, flies about the same number of sorties per day.  Are we committed?  Not even maybe.  Does our President want to win?  No.  Why would he want to defeat his own people?  I’m looking forward to the books that will come from the General officers now serving our Imam-in Chief.


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