I think perhaps it is time to consider this – exactly what is Obamaism?
Even with the activity of ISIL and the supposed “lone wolf” Islamist attacks in Europe in recent weeks, the President of the United States has not lifted one finger to help the nations now bearing the brunt of the attack on ISIL. He has not made a single public address in which he names the enemy, and his sycophants in the State Dept. wish to offer the young terrorists of ISIL jobs in order to encourage them to disarm.

I think that it’s time to consider the fact that the 44th President of the United States has great sympathy for, and may actually be aiding and abetting Islamist terrorists.  If it were found out that Obama was a closet Muslim, I doubt many would be surprised.  But I don’t think that’s really the situation.

I think that Barack Hussein Obama is most likely an atheist who is using Islamist terrorists to cripple the United States of America.  He is doing this to fulfill his promise to recreate America to be “just another nation”.  In his view, the world does not need superpowers.  Any move toward capitulation to China or the Russian Federation would simply be shifting power from one superpower to another, which is not his goal.  However, using Islamists to cripple the United States, incite Muslim rebellion in the other two major world powers, and create a Caliphate to keep Europe from becoming a military power, would all be in service to his philosophy.

Think about it.


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