The Changing Definition of War

There was a time when everyone knew what the term “war” meant.   War was understood as armed conflict between two or more states.  This conflict was (usually) fought by armed forces sponsored by the states.  I say sponsored because while there were levies (draftees), most of the force was made up of mercenaries paid by the monarch’s treasury.  This condition prevailed until the Napoleonic Wars, when national armies actually became national, made up of farmers and tradesmen molded into professional forces.

World War I changed the meaning of war as it changed almost everything else in society.  War became industrial slaughter.  Soldiers had gone from objects of glory to items to be “consumed”.  And consumed they were.  After WWI came the Russian Civil War, followed by the Spanish Civil War, in both cases far more brutal than wars of the nineteenth century.  While civilians had been “collateral damage” in wars since prehistory, now they were actually being targeted.  no one was safe.

The Second World War brought with it the wholesale slaughter of the civilian populations.  The Germans for reasons of demented philosophy, The Soviets for revenge, and the Western Allies for expediency.  All were guilty.  The age of Absolute War had begun.

Now we have moved both forward and backward in history.  We are now faced with an “existential threat” as groups of Islamic terrorist armies are coalescing to destroy Western Civilization.  On the Western side, we have three camps, the infighting among which may lead to Western defeat.  There are those who understand the superiority of Western culture are more than willing to destroy any threat to it.  Any threat.  completely, totally.  I am counted among that camp.

The second camp is the Christian-Pacifist camp.  They earnestly quote scriptures while attempting to explain that even ISIL terrorists are God’s children.  Not my God.  My God lives in Valhalla and expects me to die with a bloody sword in my hand.  Everyone has his own favorite myth.  That’s what they are.  Pacifists have never stopped a war.  They have never found their unicorn.  They will never be anything but victims.

The third camp is the dedicated leftist camp.  They are the most puzzling, because while they defend Islamists, they must know that in the event of the creation of a Caliphate, they will be executed before anyone else due to their defense of homosexuality, “popular culture” and other liberal “rights” that exist only in the most deceased minds.  This is the most unfortunate group, because they are targeted by both Islamists and the Western Civilization camp for total eradication.  Whatever happens, they are doomed.

Because of the way WWII is taught in schools, especially government schools, and the residual effects of the Vietnam conflict, Americans younger than forty (except for those who served) have only the vaguest notions of what war actually is, and more importantly, why it happens.  Until they learn, I will consider their opinions as the babbling of the village idiot.  To those who have served, I salute you.  To those who will serve, you are in my prayers.  Know that Western Civilization, even if you were prevented from learning about it by socialist teachers, is very much worth fighting for.

This struggle, which we have already entered, is generational, as was the Crusades.  This is a war of choice only for those who want to be slaughtered by both sides.  Unfortunately, some will take that path.

 “Tell me, Frank, just how many brown people would you sacrifice to save the West?”

                                                               “All of them.”


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