Government is Slavery. All Government.

I sent this e-mail to friends today:
“It hit me yesterday like a bolide from outer space. The problem isn’t with Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, RINOs, or the golf-pants gang (GOP), the problem is G-O-V-E-R-N-M-E-N-T!  Frankly, I think you all know that I didn’t like W much. Oh, sure, he was sincere enough. So was Mussolini. What the F–K does that even mean?  Now this complete cretin in the WH has so many different evil agendas going, even he can’t keep them straight.  If you expect the GOP to nominate anyone different from who they’ve been nominating since 1960, God be with you.”

“I’ve cast my lot with the objectivist/Anarcho-Capitalists. I want government destroyed.  In the words of Stefan Molyneux, ‘We’ll take over, and then leave you alone'”.

“Government is slavery.”

My younger readers already know this, because they are living it.  For “old geezers” like me, what you would call “conservatism” is going to die with my generation.  Oh sure, there will be little pockets of “culturally conservative” Christians and ultra-orthodox Jews here and there (Oklahoma City, Brooklyn), but there won’t be enough of them to affect any election, ever.

I work with people every day in the 20 – 35 age bracket.  They are not traditional conservatives.  They definitely are not anything close to “tax-and-spend liberals”.  They are true Libertarians, or as close as you can get.  They don’t care if you are gay, Black, Blue, bi-racial, or have horns and wings.  You don’t bother them; they won’t bother you.  They do not want to work for the government, because they’ve seen those who do.  They do not want to pay taxes to feed, clothe, and house those with no intention of working, and they don’t give a flying you-know-what about what happened to your ancestors.  If you don’t want to work, don’t work.  Eventually, someone will dispose of your corpse.  If you think that’s cruel, you are in for a very, very rough few years.  If we leave our world in their hands, I can happily go to my grave knowing that Liberty has won.

Objectivism has been around a long, long time.  Ayn Rand gave it a name in the 1940s.  American conservatives never warmed up to it, at least in part because it precludes a belief in a god.  The Millennials don’t have that hang-up at all, as current polls show.  Most of them don’t have their knickers in a knot over  illegal immigration, either, but they sure as Hell don’t want to pay for the “Dreamer’s” food and medical bills.  I agree.  What they want is to be left alone.  Left alone by a dishonest, thieving government that adds nothing to their lives.  The market will take care of itself, as it always would have without the do-gooder fools who make a dollar bottle of aspirin cost $12.95.

Frankly, all the pointed questions that government-lovers ask (including 85% of “conservatives”) have already been answered a hundred times over.  Some are either too lazy, or frankly, too stupid to bother to look.  Others just never considered an alternative to two-party slave masters.  All the information is “out there”.  It isn’t in Hillary’s e-mail server.  All you need is eyeballs and fingers.

I used to think that liberal government was slavery.  I was wrong.  ALL government is slavery.  Many will disagree.  Frankly, I’m really, really tired of caring.

For those of you who breathlessly wait for the next election, enjoy your servitude!


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