What Do We Want?

I believe in synchronicity.  I don’t know why it happens or what, if anything, controls it.   Yesterday my offering in Imperium4256 was a mini-exposé on millennial libertarians and the eventual death of the conventional conservative movement.   This morning I open my e-mail to a newly released Gallup poll: “The Majority of Americans think that the Number One Problem in America is Government”.  Actually, government is the root of all of America’s problems.

For many years I was a “national security conservative”.  I was usually somewhat more liberal on domestic matters, but when it came to threats against the United States, I was right there with Dick Cheney.  But then I realized what Cheney apparently never did – the United States was manufacturing its own opposition.  Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said it best: “If you want to be successful in counterinsurgency warfare, use a knife”.  Politicians play to the voter, who most often has little concept of what is actually going on.  It is not that they are stupid, but they are ignorant.  Observing our system of government has taught me several things, one of which is that while civilian control of the military may help prevent coups and other nastiness, it leads most often to such sheer incompetence that it boggles the mind.  This is alive and well equally in both political parties.  Realizing that this is an organic situation directly wedded to our constitutional form of government, I have more or less given up my national security stance for a far more logical position.

I am a realist above all else.  I know that I hold certain philosophical positions that, short of an absolute miracle, will never occur in the US.  I also know that to continue on our present course will lead this nation into a wasteland.  It will destroy our economy, enervate its people, and eventually destroy our unity as a nation.  I’m not making any reference to party politics, as both parties are absolutely equally to blame.  I refuse to play “small ball”.  The argument that “if you don’t vote for X, then Y will win and…” only makes me feel sorry for the speaker.  They fail to see that our problem is systemic down to its root, and that no ‘party” can fix it.  Both parties are only capable of making it worse.

I am not convinced that our nation can be saved.  I’m not even sure that we have a 50/50 chance.  I suspect that my grandchildren may grow up to a dystopian world of violence and privation, but if we institute the following ASAP, they may have a chance:

Most powers of the federal government must be devolved to the states.  FDR’s total abuse of the “commerce clause” was an act of treason.  The federal government should exist solely for the defense of the states and to arbitrate disputes among the states.  Any other powers and duties are clearly unconstitutional.

Withdraw all United States armed forces back to the confines of the United States.  Many “conservatives” claim that the United States is not an empire.  They are both liars and fools.

Disband all federal welfare and “safety-net” institutions and provisions.  Under the Constitution, this is not the responsibility of the federal government.

Completely, totally dismantle the Federal Reserve, and return to a gold standard.  The idea of a fiat currency is at the same time both evil and stupid, unless of course your intent is to profit from the oppression of the people, in which case is convenient.

Abrogate every single “most-favored nation” trade agreement, put every foreign nation on the same footing, and institute tariffs.

Create a constitutional prohibition against federal judiciary interfering with any state constitutional amendment enacted by the majority of the voters of that state.  The penalty for violating this prohibition should be hideously severe.

There should be more, but that is a start.  None of these changes would be easy or painless.  But if the alternative is a civil war, I think we should try.


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