Political / Philosophical Potpourri

Per the usual, I was holding a handful of blogs in “edit mode” for weeks.  After trying to edit / condense one of them, I gave up.  What you get, dear readers, is the thumbnail sketch of  all three in one posting.

The Constitution vs. Social Justice

Every chance I get, I watch “Washington Journal” on the original C-SPAN network.  For those unfamiliar with the program,  it is a two or three-hour (depending upon the starting gavel of the House of Representatives) call-in program in which certain topics are selected by the producers.  Various guests are sometimes included, but it is generally a venue for the “average voter” to address the various political and social topics of the day, with no interference or opinions from the host.   Naturally, “average voter” doesn’t really cover it.  Only political junkies watch or participate in this event.  Do not make the mistake of assuming that these callers actually know how the government works, either in theory or practice.  Many are profoundly ignorant of our system of representative government, but all have very strong opinions.

Nowhere can ignorance of the federal government be seen more clearly than in knowledge of the Constitution and separation of powers.  This cuts across all philosophical lines, although currently it seems much more prevalent among liberal Democrats and democratic socialists.  What I have observed in the last several months is the following:

  • While the Democratic Party was roundly slaughtered in the 2014 elections, from the state legislatures to the US Senate, you would never know it from the number of calls received from minority liberals, “peace-and-justice” liberals, and the group Rahm Emmanuel refers to as “crazy lefties”.  I think this is not a bias at C-SPAN, but rather the massive number of callers marshaled into action by Democratic boiler-rooms.
  • There is no concept of “Three Coequal Branches” as defined by the Constitution.  The Presidency, at least currently, trumps all other governmental entities for these groups.  Essentially, the American people elected, and re-elected a totalitarian leader who needs neither a congress nor a judicial system to “rule” the nation.  That seems to be fine with the majority of these callers.
  • The Constitution is not the basis of the law.  On the contrary, The law should bend to the will of the people, and not the majority of the people, but only the disenfranchised and oppressed, as defined by the disenfranchised and oppressed.
  • For the most part, economics in any real sense of the term is a complete mystery to these people.  They neither know nor care who or what pays for their “free stuff”.  It is quite more than fine to allow “the rich” to pay, and if they have to be forced to pay, there are no worries.  I have come to realize in listening to these callers that “the rich” seems to be anyone with employment that pays over minimum wage.
  • The answer to any question dealing with foreign affairs or defense is simply: “Why we be worried about that?  Why we killin’ all them brown people”?  “We need to feed our people right here at home!”

This is the Democratic base, my friends.  A gaggle of profoundly ignorant freeloaders who think little of dead police officers while bleating and moaning to any TV camera in reach about “poor little [fill in blank with neighborhood thug of choice]. There is one more concept that these callers lack knowledge of.  It is “Every action causes an equal and opposite reaction”.  In this case, the reaction may not be equal.

Nominate Someone Who Can Win!

I’ve been hearing that for a while now in establishment Republican circles.  Astoundingly, these are the same geniuses who rammed through George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole, John McCain… has the United States of America, or at least the GOP, become the Soviet Union – foisting into nomination the oldest doddering has-been it can find? It is not a matter of liberalizing the GOP stance on immigration, but a matter of nominating candidates who are actually still alive!

All of the current establishment GOP power brokers will probably be dead within the next two election cycles.  If they retain control, the Republican Party will also be dead, and I will be the first to say “Good riddance”!  The party survived most of the twentieth century with a Gilded-Age outlook.  By 2016, at least for most voters under 40, they might as well be monarchists.  Not that the GOP won’t get young voters – look at the other choice – but these younger voters will be voting against the Democrats, not in any way for the GOP.

Blue Lives Matter and the “Militarization of Police”

The most unfortunate byproduct of the Ferguson, Missouri / Michael Brown event is not that a young man lost his life or that a good police officer’s life is ruined.  Instead, it is that a certain segment of the American population has decided that law-enforcement officers are now fair game, and more than a few politicians seem to be turning a blind eye to this.

Seemingly in league with “Black Lives Matter” and “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” is the perceived “militarization of police”.  This has been a back-row topic among the crazy left for a couple of decades, as municipal police forces have had increasing access to disarmed surplus military transportation.  These vehicles provide light-armored transportation to riot scenes, etc., without putting police in danger from snipers or “ambush shooters”.  The media, either through ignorance or evil intent (I prefer the latter explanation), seem to think that these vehicles themselves present a danger to citizenry.

Other than common sense, which is no longer common, the average citizen does not avail him or herself with sources of information beyond the “mainstream news”.  As one conservative voter told me: “I just don’t care!”  If you don’t care to find the truth, you are likely to believe whatever is spoon-fed to you by corporatist elements whose profits are supported by ignorant, teeming Ugimme masses, happy and docile with “free stuff” and no liberty.

In the final analysis, it is the very law enforcement agencies that both politicians and minority citizens are declaring war on that will likely save their skins when the pot finally boils over, as it will.


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