Let’s Use Logic!

This weekend, I heard a (California) member of Congress say that she wasn’t worried at all about the national debt because the “government” could always just print more money.  I was stunned.  Now, I realize that almost anyone can get elected in California, unless of course the candidate has actual knowledge or skills.  But this statement dredged the depths of ignorance that broke new ground even for the Golden State.  That utterance got me thinking about some of the other expressions of genius that I have heard over the past year:

  • It doesn’t matter if “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” was not an actual fact in Ferguson, Missouri.  It must have happened somewhere, so it is “philosophically” true.
  • If the minimum wage is raised to $15 and hour, minimum wage workers can have a “real life” and not have to worry about learning actual skills that some employer would pay more for.
  • Regarding Point 2 above, the employer has “plenty of money”, so it’s no big deal to double every employee’s pay.
  • Since voting is a right encoded in the Constitution, not only are photo IDs unconstitutional, but so is voter registration.
  • Welfare benefits are, theoretically, a “hand up” from the federal/state coffers, for people in temporary distress.  Many, many people have been in temporary distress for over fifty years.
  • People who have the nerve to equate minority groups with a rise in public assistance are ignorant racists.  The fact that, as a percentage of population, minority groups receive 70% of the public assistance is a fact that says nothing, except that whoever did the calculations must be racist.

I admit to not being a genius, but neither am I an idiot.  You cannot pee on my leg and tell me that it is raining.  I use logic and evidence – real, actual evidence, to support my opinions.  I have White friends, Black friends, Asian friends, even Gay and Biracial friends.  None of them, not a single one, would ever for a minute believe any of the BS bulleted above.  As different as they are from each other, they have one thing (at least) in common: They are not stupid!


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