The Last Days of Hillary Clinton

Yes, I know.  Once you write a headline like the one above, and it doesn’t happen…

However, I think this time I’m not embarrassing myself.  After all, she not only has the conservative press, blogosphere, etc., after her scalp, but now she is faced with a revolt within her own party.  Hillary’s problem isn’t that she’s a leftist, because she really isn’t.  Both Bill and Hillary are Clintonists, the way Juan and Evita Peron were Peronists.  In William Jefferson Clinton’s second term as President, he was not hated by the right because he was a “liberal”, nor was he really hated for the Lewinsky affair.  Bill Clinton was hated because he took several points from the GOP playbook and made them his own.  He popularized welfare reform and “government downsizing” in a way no GOP politician could.

If the opportunity arose, Hillary would probably do the same thing with the war on Islamist terrorism.  There has always been a warrior in her heart, and the smallest amount of actual research will show that she has been a favorite politico at the Pentagon for a decade or more.  Pacifism or squeamishness to use the military has never been a problem for Hillary.

Hillary’s problem lies in her sense of entitlement.  While that shows itself in numerous ways, it is most obvious to the public in her quest for material wealth.  She has famously said that when she and Bill left the White House, they were broke.  I guess it depends on what the definition of “broke” is.  There is certainly nothing of note in the Clinton lifestyle during those years that indicate the Clinton’s were poverty-stricken, or even financially struggling.

Shortly before the 1992 Florida primary, I had a conversation with a Democratic operative from Little Rock.  She knew that Bill Clinton was an unknown to most Americans, and she wanted to spread the word.  “I just want to give you a heads-up on Bill Clinton”, she said.  “He ran this state like a banana republic.  Nothing gets done around here unless it directly benefits Bill.”  I can’t imagine that she would now say anything different regarding Hillary, especially now that “Clinton’s Cash” is on the bookshelves for all to see, displaying the Clinton’s kleptocracy.

Being a woman will only take Hillary so far.  Those that would vote for a craven sociopath as long as she were a woman will do so.  But most people, even most leftists, don’t use that type of reasoning when voting.  remember, we voted in the first Black President.

How did that work out?


Forget ISIS, the Main Enemy of Christianity is the US Federal Government

If you are a Christian; a true, orthodox-believing, saved by grace Christian, that is your first loyalty.  Reading Acts and the Epistles will give you an education about what government can do to believing Christians.  Any government.  Anywhere.  Even here.  In the late 1970s, the growing “evangelical movement” chained protestant evangelical Christianity to American patriotism and locked them together with a padlock.  I never thought that was a good idea, and I was proved right when “patriotic Americans” started supporting policies that were 180 degrees from anything anyone could find in the Gospels.  There are still churches that, if their leadership was honest, should remove pictures of Christ and replace them with photos of Reagan.  But that is no longer the major problem Americans face in the church vs. state struggle.

Far more dangerous and insidious is the outlook that our own federal government has taken on actual, practicing Christians.  America has had a tradition of secular religion that included most citizens who were not Jewish or Muslim claiming “Christian” identity.  One need not know the first fact about Christianity, only that no other religion claimed you.  That attitude began to decline in the 1960s.  All those young parents who flooded mega-churches in the 1980s are in their fifties now, with empty-nest syndrome and a very tenuous grasp on factual Christianity, having never gotten past the prosperity gospel and feelgood-ism of the mega-churches.  They are economic voters now, and probably split between GOP and Democrat.  True practicing Christians, those who read Mark 10:21 and understand it, know two things about life in 21st century America: first, that there is little difference between the America of today and the Roman Empire of 30AD;  and that whatever protection the First Amendment of the Constitution gave to religious practitioners, at least orthodox Christian believers, have been ruled null and void by the courts, the legislatures, and tiny minorities of supremely evil people who, through guilt and propaganda, have found a way to effectively neuter democracy.  Under our current administration, Christianity may be given lip service, but there is no respite for those who actually live and practice the faith.  In this way, the United States has become very much like China.

Mainline Protestant churches are fine with the current status.  It has been decades, even generations since the hierarchy of any of these churches have actually believed what they preached.  As a well-known Episcopal scholar recently said in a television interview: “That’s supposed to be a secret”.  The power and wealth of the mainline denominations no longer comes from its rapidly shrinking membership, but from their ability to “distribute” federal aid to the “oppressed” and the “disadvantaged”.  In essence, they are now simply social-service arms of the United States government.  Christ is no longer a savior, but an entry ticket to free stuff.  Meanwhile the Department of Justice combs over the federal law and the US Code looking for the slightest opportunity to crush the true believers.  This is being enacted hand-in-hand with their targeting small business, a remarkable percentage of them owned by those same Christian believers.

How long will it be before Christians must register with the government?  Sooner than you think.  Christians are already called “haters” by those so twisted by hate and evil that they would not recognize themselves in a mirror.  As soon as the public is infused with the idea that “Christians” want to take away their “entitlements”, Nero will one again claim his throne.

Rome is coming back, but look at history.  Who won?