The Last Days of Hillary Clinton

Yes, I know.  Once you write a headline like the one above, and it doesn’t happen…

However, I think this time I’m not embarrassing myself.  After all, she not only has the conservative press, blogosphere, etc., after her scalp, but now she is faced with a revolt within her own party.  Hillary’s problem isn’t that she’s a leftist, because she really isn’t.  Both Bill and Hillary are Clintonists, the way Juan and Evita Peron were Peronists.  In William Jefferson Clinton’s second term as President, he was not hated by the right because he was a “liberal”, nor was he really hated for the Lewinsky affair.  Bill Clinton was hated because he took several points from the GOP playbook and made them his own.  He popularized welfare reform and “government downsizing” in a way no GOP politician could.

If the opportunity arose, Hillary would probably do the same thing with the war on Islamist terrorism.  There has always been a warrior in her heart, and the smallest amount of actual research will show that she has been a favorite politico at the Pentagon for a decade or more.  Pacifism or squeamishness to use the military has never been a problem for Hillary.

Hillary’s problem lies in her sense of entitlement.  While that shows itself in numerous ways, it is most obvious to the public in her quest for material wealth.  She has famously said that when she and Bill left the White House, they were broke.  I guess it depends on what the definition of “broke” is.  There is certainly nothing of note in the Clinton lifestyle during those years that indicate the Clinton’s were poverty-stricken, or even financially struggling.

Shortly before the 1992 Florida primary, I had a conversation with a Democratic operative from Little Rock.  She knew that Bill Clinton was an unknown to most Americans, and she wanted to spread the word.  “I just want to give you a heads-up on Bill Clinton”, she said.  “He ran this state like a banana republic.  Nothing gets done around here unless it directly benefits Bill.”  I can’t imagine that she would now say anything different regarding Hillary, especially now that “Clinton’s Cash” is on the bookshelves for all to see, displaying the Clinton’s kleptocracy.

Being a woman will only take Hillary so far.  Those that would vote for a craven sociopath as long as she were a woman will do so.  But most people, even most leftists, don’t use that type of reasoning when voting.  remember, we voted in the first Black President.

How did that work out?


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