This will be Imperium’s “swan song”.  Not because there is nothing left to say, but because, as a student of history and the sociology of civilizations,  I realize that there are now few left to say it to.  When notified that my contract with WordPress was up for renewal, it took several days of consideration to realize that the purpose had been served.

The art of thinking is all but dead.  From the early Twentieth Century, Western education, especially the Dewey-inspired American version, has succeeded.   Dewey’s aim was not to give children the tools to think for themselves, but to create “economic units” for a future overarching socialist government.  This was never particularly secret, but the authors knew that few among the masses would actually search it out. These “units” would be trained to perform necessary functions rather than be educated to inform and analyze.   In classic Fabian method, this was done very gradually, as the frog is boiled in the pot of water.  If you don’t recognise the names Dewey and/or Fabian, this is proof of how well this approach worked.

The second onslaught against thought is “entertainment”.  Except for the rare urban-dweller before the Twentieth Century, entertainment was limited to music, dancing, and the occasional traveling theater company.  The music was self-created.  If you wanted music, you had to learn to play an instrument, or at least sing.  I said “rare” urban-dweller, because through most of the Nineteenth Century, 80% of Americans and 93%  worldwide, lived in rural settings.  Before the Nineteenth Century, with the exception of China, only a tiny percentage of the world’s population lived in cities. Entertainment has evolved from a valuable, creative moment in one’s life to a 24/7 “necessity” that, for the most part, one pays others to produce.  Entertainment has replaced thought in modern society.  I would bet a serious sum of money that in a properly worded poll of “average citizens”, a large number would say that the point of work is to pay for entertainment.  Also, the type of entertainment has gone from creative to totally observational.  A person no longer has to participate in entertainment; they simply “experience” it, adding absolutely no value to the human condition or soul.  An offshoot of this is the increasing infantilization of entertainment.  Masses of thirty-something American males now flock to cinema theaters to watch feature-length movies taken from children’s comic books in which the dialog is mostly limited to what is to be destroyed next.  The drool from these theaters would refill the aquifers of California.

The third, and most foundational anti-thought weapon is the disintegration of morality on almost every level.  While many see this as an attack on traditional religion, it is actually much broader than that.  It has long been known that I do not subscribe to the foundational tenets of Christianity.  I say this because I have actually studied them, understand them, and find that I cannot support a number of them.  That does in no way mean that I am “against religion”.  No matter how much the televangelists and ill-educated Bible-thumpers would have it, Christianity is not the sum total of religion.  On the other hand, the unctuous, hand-wringing priests of social justice in the “mainstream Protestant churches” have for a hundred years continuously lied to their parishioners, in that they do not believe the foundational tenets of Christianity in the least, and yet find their clerical positions perfect for the advancement of Fabian socialism.  To be frank, the “morality” of both of these groups makes me want to vomit.  While the first group begs one to worship a view of god that is seriously deranged, the second group uses god as a cover to spread amoral/immoral Marxist economics to the severely gullible.  Lastly, any group or singular person whose mission to “uplift” one or more “oppressed” or “downtrodden” subsets of a population requires the suffering of the majority is committing an act that is morally equal to genocide, and they should be treated as such.  Liberty leads to equality over time.  Forced equality without liberty is a totalitarian evil and must be destroyed “with extreme prejudice”.  There are no exceptions worth mentioning.

So there you have it.  I believe in Karma.  Nations, like individuals, get what they have earned in life.  American “patriots” are fond of comparing the United States of America to other nations, and loudly proclaiming that “we” are morally superior to the rest.  They are not wrong.  And yet, as they sit in their churches on Sundays, they are told that comparing their sins to Charles Manson or Adolf Hitler is not the correct perspective.  Karma is not personal.  Karma is not patriotic.  Karma simply is.