Imperium is Back – With a Vengeance!

Yes, I had this “Grand Plan” for a long, rambling explanation / tirade explaining my absence as the first “new” post.  That will come later.  Today, I just want to go through a few comments on very recent news items and occurrences, so here goes:

  • I have sworn that I’d be “nice” (gag!) to people whom I disagree with.  No more “FOOL!”, “moron”, “drooling idiot”, etc.  These are simply people with different outlooks and viewpoints.  It is true that many of them are either mentally deranged or very deeply evil human beings, but they are all God’s children none the less.  God uses evil people for his own purposes all the time.  For example, could Barack Hussein Obama have been elected and re-elected without God’s hand?  No, of course not.  We can’t begin to understand, but there you go…
  • I have been studying the prophets of the “Old Testament”.  Christians don’t emphasize this portion of the OT, but I think they are very important.  They teach us that God uses deeply flawed and even evil people to punish those who claim to worship Him, and yet violate His law daily.  I think that’s why Christians, especially American Christians don’t want to study the Prophets.
  • I’ve become interested in the high number (almost all) of American Christians who link “democracy” with Christianity.  The greatest, longest-lived Christian “nation” was the Eastern Roman Empire, which British and American historians insist on referring to as the “Byzantine Empire”.  The people who lived in it called it “the Roman Empire”, but whatever.  It lasted, fully Christian, for 1123 years.  That is 884 years longer than the United States of America has existed so far, and 758 years longer than the British Empire, if you accept the very liberal dates of 1603 – 1968 for the British Empire.  The Emperor was considered the head of the Church also, and for at least the first half of its existence, it contained far more practising Christians than the rest of the world combined.  There wasn’t anything even close to democracy in its entire 1123 year history.  In reading Acts and the Epistles, I get no sense that any of the authors championed, or even considered “democracy’.  Neither did America’s founders, with the possible exception of Thomas Jefferson.
  • Our President, the Most Intelligent Man in the Universe, has been hoodwinked by a pack of moth-eaten Persian fanatics.  What a pulsing intellect!  He deserves another Nobel Prize!  And yet the evil, moronic piece of filth President keeps grinning and pontificating like he has single-handedly saved the world.
  • I believe ever more strongly that nations get exactly the leadership they deserve.  That’s not good for some of us here,  but generally, I think we’ve earned it. We seem to have evolved into a deeply stupid, greedy nation; a nation that deserves neither its history nor its heroes.

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