Conservative or Not?

For over a year now, I’ve been getting feedback from Imperium4256, Breitbart, and RedState that I am not a “conservative”. Well, according to all the online dictionaries I’ve consulted, including Oxford, a conservative is one who wants to preserve the values of the past. Now, that can get tricky. If I am a Marxist, but I reject the Millennial’s “dog’s breakfast” hodgepodge of Unicorn visions and “let’s feel for everybody” in favor of straight-up, classical Marxism – I am a conservative. You can put whatever Ronald Reagan spin on that you want, but it’s true.

In America, the term actually doesn’t mean what the dictionaries offer, but this:

A conservative in America believes that an unfettered free market best serves the people, that personal liberty outweighs “collective rights”, and that the best government is the smallest government – just as the founding fathers intended.

I can go along with parts of that. Within reason, a free market does best serve the people. However, even free markets must have watchdogs. What about Bernie Madoff? What about Countrywide? What about companies that knowingly put toxins in pet food? Or baby food? Yeah, in the last two examples, the products were made in China. THEY WERE NOT IMPORTED BY CHINESE COMPANIES. THEY WERE IMPORTED BY AMERICAN COMPANIES.

I am a huge supporter of “personal” liberty. Recently, it’s been in the news that a group of Satanists have erected a bronze statue of Baphomet in Detroit (Where else?) in a public spot. They were exercising their personal liberty. Under our Constitution, everyone has personal liberty. As the ACLU says: Popular expression does not require defense. It is the unpopular, and yet Constitutionally protected expression that requires a defender. Remember this well, for very, very soon, it will be Christianity that is unpopular and will require defenders. Some say the time has already come. However, don’t expect the ACLU to come rushing to the Christians defense. They are hard-core socialists and would be absolutely giddy if the United States turned into an agnostic/atheist state.

It is true that I have expressed some views that do not fit with the “Classic American” definition of conservative. Here are some more:

If our nation remains intact, it will require a “single-payer” healthcare system that replaces the abomination that is Obamacare. No matter what certain politicians tell you to get your money and your vote, we cannot go back to the old system because that infrastructure no longer exists. And they know it. And they know that you don’t know it.
If our nation remains intact, the banking system must be radically changed. Socialism is socialism whether your socialist masters are from the DNC or Wall Street. Have you ever wondered why the Wall Street types usually vote Democratic? I bet you just assumed they didn’t. WRONG! Wall Street does not, and has never, ever worked for you! Wall Street works for Wall Street. You aren’t Wall Street. On this point, I am so much closer to Liz Warren than to Ronald Reagan.
Being the world’s policeman will bankrupt the United States. If Americans really want to be the defender of Israel, they need to know right up front that the cost will be high. Frankly, I am a great fan of Israel, but I also know that I am NOT an Israeli. Neither are you. The Philippines is not just a strong ally of the United States, it has cultural ties as a former American colony that Israel doesn’t have. Would you risk American treasure and lives for the Philippines to the same extent you would for Israel? Thank about that. Also keep in mind that there are a whole lot more American citizens living in the Philippines than in Israel (600,000 vs. 200,000 as of 21012).
Russia and Putin: Last I heard, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was both a Russian and the President of the Russian Federation. What does that mean? That means that every action he takes is for the preservation and betterment of the Russian Federation. Just like Ronald Reagan acted in the interests of the United States when he alienated many of our European allies in Europe. Is he an enemy? He certainly could be, but frankly, I don’t give a rat’s behind if he invades Ukraine or not. Or Georgia. The Ukraine has been Russian territory since the Lithuanian-Polish Empire collapsed in the late 1600s. Georgia, until 1990, had exactly two years of independence since about 600 AD. Whoever we Americans would like to see administering Russia, I think Putin is exactly right for the Russian people at this time. So do the Russians. Outside observers have found that Russian elections are just as fair as ours. Take that any way you’d like.
On the other hand, there’s this:

I firmly believe in the tenets of the National Front USA: One Nation, One Culture, One People. That is not racist. The American people can be any color nature allows. But they are Americans first, last, and always! No hyphenated bullshit. If you follow legal immigration regulations, WELCOME! However, park your old culture at the door. You can cook your native food, teach your kids their ancestral language, etc. But certain cultural practices, such as female circumcision, honor killings, etc., will not only land you in jail, but should have you on a plane back to your home country, with a do-not-readmit notice. If you don’t want to BE an American, don’t bother coming here. We will not even try to be nice to you. This is not a “multicultural state”, and those who promote that idea need to be introduced to state institutions. There’s one exception to “personal liberty”. There are others.
There is no such thing as “group rights”. I don’t give a flying you-know-what what your “group” is or if your great-great grandfather had to eat dirt. Every citizen has individual rights clearly delineated by the Constitution. If you think you have other rights, or that a group you “identify with” has certain special rights, you may be headed for a correctional institution. That crap will not fly at all!
Any member of the judiciary who decides to “reinterpret” the Constitution based on “today’s culture” needs, for their own safety, to look for another place to live. One way or the other, they will be replaced. Very, very quickly.
“Democracy” is usually defined as Rule by the people. In a heterogenous society, this usually results in Rule by the lowest common denominator, or mob rule. Any tendency toward that result should be crushed. Brutally. In a homogenous population – where everyone is an unhyphenated American, democracy, in a guided form, will be possible. Utopia exists only in the diseased minds of Leftists and the mentally ill, but a representative republic of free people can, and will again exist. There will be costs.

So, all things considered, I guess I’m really not a conservative.  There are many things about America and her political culture I want to preserve, but many of the things that conventional conservatives want to preserve I would like to destroy as much as Liz Warren or Bernie Sanders.  I am no conservative.

I am a right-revolutionary!


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