The Keyhole View

What can you see through a keyhole? Only what is directly in front of you.  You have no peripheral vision, and therefore you are missing a great deal of information.  The same situation occurs when you listen to a politician’s statements without ever actually exploring his or her voting record or who they give monetary support to.  Always, always, always pay far more attention to what politicians do than to what they say.

As an example, Donald Trump is gathering up massive support from so-called Patriots and conservatives, yet he has never actually done anything conservative.  Donald Trump has never been anything other than a typical New York liberal.  He still isn’t.  A second example is Senator Rand Paul.  Rand has fashioned himself as the “bad boy” of the GOP.  He’s “a different kind of Republican”, he says.  Okay Rand, then why did you vote for Mitch McConnell as Senate leader?  If you are going to vote for the feeble-minded, corrupt GOP establishment, why should we listen to anything you say?  As Cicero said of Caesar: “Words drop from his mouth like shit from a sphincter”.

“But I don’t have time for all that research and reading!  I just listen to the political ads and vote for the guy who says what I’m thinking!”  That statement is exactly why I do not support universal suffrage.  Not everyone can cast an intelligent vote.  Every year, that population gets smaller and smaller.  Let me clue you in – God did not give you the “right to vote”.  James Madison did.  In fact, even Jimmy Madison did not give everyone the right to vote.  Only free, land-owning males had that right in 1789.  That way the founding fathers could at least be somewhat assured that the voter was at least marginally educated.  We can’t prevent the stupid from voting, but at the very least we could prevent the uneducated from voting.

I guess it all depends on what you want the United States of America to be.  I have some advice for all who want everyone to vote, and for Equality to replace Liberty in our nation.  Make tons and tons of money, because most of everything you have will be confiscated by the government you allowed to enslave you in order to feed, clothe, and house all those whose “rights” you support.


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