The Decent of Man?

If you have been observant, you may have noticed increasingly odd behavior among people.  While some may point only to the United States as part of a political agenda, it is happening on a worldwide scale.  In China, Australia, Norway, etc., mass murder is occurring on a grand scale.  Some point to “guns” as the problem.  These people are simply following a leftist political agenda to disarm those whom they feel will eventually revolt against them, AKA “the People”.  Only the psychotic, mentally deranged, or those with severe brain disorders would actually enjoy “socialism”, as history shows.  These people must be sacrificed in order to protect the vast majority of people, who want only the freedom to produce for themselves and their families, raise their children and enjoy life to the best of their abilities.  The social engineers of the progressive left are far more dangerous to the future of human society than any environmental or climatic condition, and must be treated as such.  But that doesn’t address our more immediate problem – Modern Man Gone Wild.

A percentage of our population much larger than we would like to consider are choosing crowded public places in which to attempt to slaughter great numbers of people; by gun, knife, even objects that we would not ordinarily consider weapons.  The progressive/leftist answer is of course a totally illogical response:  ban all (legal) guns.  An effort to disarm one who may need protection from the increasingly deranged behavior of some people is yet one more example of the broken mental state of the left.

I am not suggesting in any way that this phenomenon should not be studied.  Of course it is the only way to arrive at the root or roots of the problem, and work toward a lasting solution.  That is the sum total of the progressive answer, and logical as it is, it is only half the answer.  The “rest of the answer” is immediate protection and discouragement of pursuing this behavior through blatant, brutal counter-violence.  This is where the hand-wringers, autistes, and unicorn ranchers jump ship.  Consider this.  instead of sentencing Colorado theater murderer James Eagan Holmes to a mental hospital, he should have been frog-marched to the front steps of the courthouse, where we would be shot in the head with a load that maximized the gore and gray splatter.  Even the emotionally disturbed would have taken note of that, and perhaps realized that “expressing frustration” by killing numbers of strangers would not be worth that end result.

We who live in this society have to make a change in outlook for this situation to be treated effectively.  Those who commit these acts must not continue to be looked upon as “mentally ill” or even as criminals.  They must be looked upon as nothing.  Man can do anything to nothing without remorse.