In the Interest of Clarity!

There is a “public intellectual” and radio commentator that I highly respect – Dennis Prager.  Mr. Prager prizes clarity above all else, and once replied to an email I sent him, voicing admiration of my clarity.  He did not endorse my positions even a little, but took the time to reply to me simply because I stated my position clearly and concisely.  That was a few years ago, and there has been much political water under the bridge since then.  It would not be too difficult to determine the general thrust of my political philosophy, but you would have to read all of my blogs at one sitting, with highlighter in hand.

I can make this operation much easier:

  • A highly industrialized, populous nation needs leaders, not politicians.  There is no political party of any size in this nation that offers leaders rather than politicians.
  • What is known as “democracy” today,with universal suffrage, was an organ created when our nation was agrarian and half empty.  If the leadership selection of this populous, post-industrial nation is placed in the hands of the masses, you get Idiocracy in it’s purest form.  National leadership is far too critical to be left in the hands of “the average citizen”.
  • The economy of the nation affects ALL the people ALL the time.  Once again, the economy is far too important to be left to Wall Street bankers or Leftist social engineers.  No bank is too big to fail.  Neither is any state.  When you fail, you must face the consequences of that failure. No matter who or what you are.  Since the people elect their leaders, they should be subject to the same fate as their leaders.
  • A “hybrid” (half-assed) national medical system such as “Affordable Healthcare” serve fewer people, more expensively, and poorly.  Conversely, the system it replaced is dead.  We can no longer go back to that as we can give up motor vehicles and go back to horses.  There are not enough horses and no place to house them in cities.  There is only one option left – Single Payer.  As much as it enrages the “conservatives”, it is the least expensive, most effective option.  Deal with it.
  • Libertarianism  was great – for a nineteenth-century nation that was sparsely populated and growing, and a great number of men were self-employed.  While it seems that some have not noticed, this is not a description of 21st century America.
  • We live in a global economy.  If you wish you didn’t, or you just don’t understand it, the economy doesn’t care.  You may continue to tell your friends how evil it is (I agree), but you still have to work within it.  My advice is to educate yourself.  It’s free.  Nothing is more prevalent on the internet than economics,except entertainment (don’t get me started).
  • National security is far more important than shoveling out freebies to drooling sub-human scum.  In the popular Leftist Television series “West Wing”, one WH staffer asked another during an international crisis: “How many third-world lives is one American life worth?”  My answer is clear: ALL OF THEM!   Any American President who is willing to sacrifice American lives for any reason other than national interest should be “taken out”.  Immediately.
  • Police authority – I would put the B in brutal.  When a police officer of any description tells you to stop, DO IT.  I give NOTHING about what color you are, or what conditions your ancestors lived in. If you do not stop, you have only one ethnicity: TARGET. If you want to live two more seconds; STOP.  If you want to whine about it, you have a perfect right to do so.  If you want to stop traffic and destroy property while whining, I would encourage the police to kill you.  Yes, you read that right.  Untwist your panties, Libertarians.  Your day is done.  Go watch “Gunsmoke”.
  • I really don’t care about your ethnicity, skin color, or religion.  Every citizen should be one thing: AMERICAN.  No hyphens, no prefixes.  You can cook ethnic food in your house, and speak Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, or Mbwibwi. However, in order to take a citizenship test, you should demonstrate that you can speak English well enough to conduct commerce, speak to authorities, and register to vote.  If you can’t, citizenship will be denied to you until such time as you can.  If you decide that your native “culture” is more important than assimilation into the American culture, airliners leave major American cities to your homeland every day .  Be on one.