Americans No Longer Participate in Democracy

Remember what Ben Franklin told a woman when asked, when leaving the last Constitutional meeting, what they had created?  “A Republic, Madam, if you can keep it!”  Did you hear the word “democracy” in there anywhere.  I didn’t.  While many had input into the Constitution, it was James Madison who was the primary author.  Many people think it was Thomas Jefferson, but he wasn’t even in the United States at the time, but was serving as Ambassador to France.  Madison was fearful of democracy.  So were most of the other creators of the Constitution.  Democracy is rule by the “lowest common denominator”, or, as Madison would have put it (and Franklin did) “Mob rule”.

For democracy to work, people have to educate themselves on the issues of the day, from foreign affairs to  infrastructure needs.  They then have to register their opinions with their representatives.  “But we have lives.  We have to take the kids to soccer, go to work, etc”.  It’s really quite simple.  If you are too busy to participate in democracy, then you don’t need it.  You might not even ever know the difference.  If your taxes go up, how many of you write, call, or email your Congressperson?  If you don’t, you really don’t care.  It has been reported that about 12% of American voters actually communicate with their Congressperson and/or Senator at least once a year.  For those who communicate on a more regular basis, it’s in the low single digits.  So see? You really don’t give a damn, do you?

The people who are very active in politics are on the fringes.  The far left and far right wear out the phone lines, email system, etc.  And so guess what?  They get far more attention than their numbers warrant.  Who can blame them?  They are working the system.

This is NOT a democracy.  It was never created to be a democracy.  Between Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt, the early Twentieth-Century SJW’s convinced America’s educators that we were, or should be, a democracy.  Now, one hundred years later, everyone believes it.  There is a certain segment of the aging American population who believe America can be one harmonious, peaceful society if we “just believe”.  Rainbow radiation and unicorn farts.  My advice is work hard, stay vigilant, and have several full mags on hand.  Oh, and don’t inhale unicorn farts!


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