What if the Answer is “None of the Above”?

My wife and I had a very interesting conversation with a gentleman this past weekend. In the bar of a hotel in suburban Washington, D.C., we met a man who shared our interest in vintage fountain pens , but the topic quickly turned to international relations and the current Presidential contest. It was obvious that we had more than Mont Blancs in common. My wife asked: “So who are you supporting in the Presidential election?” The answer was one that I suspect is uttered every hour of every day all over America: ” I can neither support Clinton nor Trump”.

This is my dilemma.  While I am quite sure that Hillary Clinton would be better for our “big power” relationships, she would, if she continued Obama’s policies, endanger American citizens by her insistence upon opening the floodgates to Middle-Eastern “refugees”,  while taking the gates completely off the hinges on our southern border.  She would also continue to balloon the national debt by enlarging “programs” to feed, clothe, and house a plethora of (mostly non-white) citizens and residents who find actual employment to be an inconvenience.

Donald J. Trump has a proven record in the real estate development world.  Sure, like all developers at his level, he’s had a few duds.  Democrats can’t understand that a few failed projects doesn’t mean that he’s a failure.  But since it is not government, can we expect Democrats to actually understand it?  All said, that is not Trump’s most damaging issue.  Donald’s achilles heel is his inability to focus on anything other than insults to himself or his family.  He just finds it impossible to stay on message in his campaign.  If he can’t stay on message to promote his agenda, what will he do once ensconced in the White House?  making politics personal is what Trump does best, but that is the last thing that any sane human being wants to happen in a national security crisis.

I am looking for a candidate who has the vision to repair the nation’s economy and the level-headedness to navigate through dangerous international waters.  I guess I’m going to have to look at 2020 for that.


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