Be Prepared

Let’s be honest – I don’t like Donald J. Trump. I think that Gary Johnson is an addle-brained pothead and that Jill Stein may be a great doctor, but her talents are best suited for the examination room rather than further wrecking the US economy.  Who have I left out?  Oh, yes.  Satan’s spawn herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Ms. Clinton was labeled by one of her “friends” as a “bundle of insecurities”.  I can see that.  She has arrived at this conclusive moment in history on the back of an accused rapist and convicted perjurer.  Convicted!  You can’t erase that, CNN!  As a frustrated Democratic operative said recently, she lies even when she doesn’t have to.  Some people call her a sociopath, but after having read the definitions, I’d label her a psychopath, because she actually displays no conscience at all.  Whatever action benefits Ms. Clinton most is the one she will choose, regardless of anything else.

So being honest again, the American people have only two choices.  We all know that neither Johnson nor Stein will garnish more than low single-digits at the polls.  Petting a unicorn and staring at rainbows will not help.  Reality is reality.  Donald Trump comes across as a bully.  He is in no way politically correct in his language.  Some of his economic policies seem misguided, some even clueless.  We really don’t know what he is going to do.  But that is the point!  We know exactly what Hillary Clinton will do, if we trust her words.  She will bring in far more Syrian refugees than Obama ever dreamed of.  She has said so herself.  Our southern border with Mexico will become simply an archaic line on an old map, as Central American peons flood over the border to drive down wages, bankrupt social services, and introduce diseases America has not seen in generations.  Islamists will be coddled while American Patriots will be investigated as terrorists.  The middle class will be taxed to the limits of their endurance, and beyond.

I have heard several objections regarding Trump.  He’s a bully.  He’s a racist.  He’s against abortion.  Maybe he’s all those things.  I don’t yet know.  But I do know exactly who Hillary Clinton is.  Exactly.  Any vote for anyone but Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton.  So is a non-vote.  Your future is in your hands, because I can foresee a time when the lives of Clinton supporters and those who supported her by default may be in the hands of American patriots.

Actions have consequences.