Why All “Establishments” Eventually Die of Their Own Stupidity

[Note: a great deal of this rant was generated by Patrick J. Buchanan’s “An Establishment in Panic”, published in Taki’s magazine on 10/21/16.  To that end, I have included the link here: http://takimag.com/article/an_establishment_in_panic#axzz4OIOR1kJN  ]
The end stage of every “Establishment” in history is fear.  Fear is born when people who are used to control, who know what’s good for you, even when you don’t, suddenly find that the masses no longer follow them, respect them, or acknowledge them.  I started out political life as a Trotskyist.  In many ways, I still am.  I am no longer a Marxist because I realize that redistribution only makes everyone poor, and that human nature, being what it is, is to do very little until a gun is placed in your ear.  The fabulous Socialist “New Man” of 1890 – 1945 never emerged because he cannot exist, except in the warped and diseased minds of those who would rather live in an imaginary world of their own construction that the actual one mankind lives in.  Robert F. Kennedy’s most adored quote (by progressives) is:Some men see things as they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not“.   The answer to that is: You can, but that isn’t doing anything to repair, remake, or improve what’s here.  New Man will never appear because this idea is 100% contradictory with human nature.  The fact is, the people who dream of this have something very dysfunctional deep inside them that makes them unable to operate successfully in the “real world”.
For about fifty years, with a few breaks, the United States has been under the guidance (rule) of “liberal democracy”, or, as we see it now “redistributionist authoritarianism”.  If you think that the United States of America has been an actual representative “democracy” since November 22, 1963, I call into question your ability to think rationally.  In a “democracy’ where representatives executed the will of their constituents, would we have a nation in which 72% of the population thought the country was “headed in the wrong direction”?  We are living in an authoritarian state in which a Globalist elite are using minority demands and manufactured “White Guilt” to impose conditions that punish economic producers and reward low IQ denizens who neither contribute to the society/economy, nor are neutral.  The idea of nation-states is frowned upon severely.  “We are all one!”  They proclaim.  Actually, what they mean is: “You are all one!  We are not, and you will be made to like it”.
Establishments – all of them throughout history – believe their own lies.  That is the event that sends them to their graves.  The Democratic Party, in all its factions, the New York Times, Washington Post, Slate, HuffPo, and all the self-important faculty on all of America’s irrelevent college campuses, believe their own lies.  It will lead to their deaths, intellectually, as a social group, and perhaps even personally.  When establishments fail, no matter how much you don’t want it, violence occurs.  In France, from 1789 – 1797, members of the “establishment” who did not emigrate where either executed, starved, or reduced to a state lower than the peasants, never to hold any influence again, even over their own lives.  I’m sure that they never, ever thought it would happen.  After all, France was the most civilized nation on earth.  In a span of 31 years, the British Empire went through a slow-motion suicide that ended with national bankruptcy, the loss of most of its overseas possessions, and along the way, the deaths of 1,587,993 of its subjects by war.  I guarantee you that the “elite” of the British Empire had no idea on the eve of war in 1914 that their nation would, in 30 short years, be reduced, in both gross national product and personal wealth, to the level of a third-world nation.  It took forty years from 1945 for Great Britain to recover, if you can call it recovery.  Was that a revolution?  A fall of elitism?  yes, on a continental scale.  No nation in Europe with the possible exception of Switzerland, exited that period in history with the governing elite it entered with.  Even Sweden, neutral in both world wars, had its elite torn asunder and it’s national character altered.
Those who look to the 2016 Presidential election to “start the revolution” will probably be disappointed.  Whoever wins, I doubt the spark will lie in the election.  It will be something much smaller.  Something less notable.  The assassination of a particular politician, or even a talk-show host.  Perhaps a reaction to a “social justice” demonstration (riot).  It will start very small, like a cigarette butt thrown out of a car window onto parched grass.  Within weeks, the entire nation will be an inferno.