Donald J. Trump Won – Now What?

[For about two weeks, I have had two manuscripts on my desk:  “Trump Won”, and “Clinton Won”.  You get the first one.]

With a surge of White, blue-collar men and women – yes, women – and more than a smattering of Latinos and Blacks looking for more than the same old, warmed-over Democratic Party dollars for dindus crap, Donald J. Trump became the President-Elect of the United States this morning.  The Clinton crime family is over as a power in American politics.  Due to the unsavory residue left by her parents, any notion that Chelsea Clinton would attain national office has ended.  The Democrats, as they say, will “move on”.

So what can we look forward to?  First and foremost, Trump must, above all else, keep his word about building a wall on our southern border.  There is no alternative, unless Trump wants to lose the support of 90% of the Americans who supported him.  While he is building the wall, he must create American jobs for American citizens.  This can be done partially by identifying and punishing corporations – all corporations – that knowingly employ illegal aliens.   Illegal agricultural workers, busboys, roofers, and lawn maintenance workers must be “let go”.  This will, as Mitt Romney famously said, lead to “self-deportations”.  American workers will take those jobs.  Why am I sure?  Because the dollars for dindus programs will be scaled back to near zero.  Section Eight housing will require some actual cash every month.  EBT cards will be eliminated in favor of the surplus food products that cannot be easily exchanged for nail salon services or cheap convenience store alcohol.  Womb-to-Tomb care will be a thing of the past.  Subsidized housing will be reduced to those over 65 who simply don’t have the income for market-based housing.

Hopefully, international trade agreements will be readdressed.  To those who say that cannot be done, I say “Watch”.  America is a huge market, and can actually do pretty much whatever it pleases in international trade.  Feelings may be hurt.  Boo-hoo-hoo.

If Trump is to be successful, he will have to hold strong to the idea that America, and Americans come first, last, and always.  The President of the United States is not the “big daddy” to the world.  We have seen for eight long years what kind of weak, pathetic creature that requires.  Some nations may have gotten used to the United States bending over (forwards) to “accommodate”  nations that would not give the time of day to the U.S.   They will, I am sure, get used to a United States doing exactly what it needs to do for its own people, and not much caring if other nations like it or not.



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