An American Deep State?

In the following, I am assuming that the reader is more or less unfamiliar with current Alt-Right theory and writing.  In fact, I must caution that when I use the term Alt-Right, I am no way referencing Donald Trump, Stephen K. Bannon, or Breitbart News.  None of these people or organizations are Alt-Right, although they may from  time to time have some mild Alt-Right  tendencies.  For true Alt-right commentary, you must read Oswald Spengler, Julius Evola, Sam Francis, Richard Spencer, and Jack Donovan.   I’m sure that you’ve probably never heard of any of these people,and there is no reason that you should have.  They certainly aren’t taught in any American public schools.  However, these are the founders of the modern Alt-Right movement.  You will never find them on Breitbart, and I doubt Trump knows them either.

Deep State: The concept of a “state within a state”.  While elected governments come and go, the Deep State – the infrastructure of the military, security and intelligence, as well as the judiciary and corporate structure, are intact, molding the elected officials to its aims and needs.

There have been several Leftist authors in the United States over the past fifty years who have written that the United States has a “deep state” which prevents politicians from truly altering the political life of America.  While this may seem to be true in certain snapshots of time, it has never been effective, or even truly existed in the United States as it has in other nations.  There could be said to have been evidence of a deep state during the Carter Administration (1977 – 1981), when the altruistic views of Carter were completely undermined by the military and intelligence operations the nation.  While I certainly don’t deny that (I was there), I see it as a “one-off” – a reaction to the dire circumstances to prevent clueless and perhaps unhinged Chief Executive from totally crippling the nation’s ability to defend itself or its national interests.  So while the Leftist press  – or at least those knowledgeable enough to be aware of the concept, claim that the United States has, or has had, a deep state, I would argue that our nation has not, but must have a deep state to survive in the future.

A deep state must exist in any nation undergoing severe demographic and social upheavals.  In the United States, for instance, a deep state will maintain order and a functioning government while it is determined how demographic changes would affect the electorate, and therefore how citizenship must be determined.  A deep state is not limited in political philosophy.  A deep state can be Marxist, liberal democratic, or any other political philosophy.  An Alt-Right deep state may differ in some functions from others, but the mechanics of sustaining the “continuity of government” would not be significantly different whether Marxist or “conservative’.  With the media completely confused about the definition of Alt-Right, it would be difficult for the informed citizen to determine and identify if there was an Alt-Right component in their political milieux.  The media assumes that the Alt-Right is a purist form of American conservatism.  The Alt-Right is NOT conservative.  There is almost nothing left worth conserving.  The biggest difference is that the foundational conservative idea is “limited government”.  The Alt-Right is interested in saving Western Civilization, and both limited government and the U.S. Constitution are not top considerations.  In fact, “individual liberty” has often devolved into total anarchy.  The greatest laboratory for “individual liberty” is America’s urban inner-cities, where law-enforcement is more of a concept than a fact, and a private small businessman may spend up to 50% of his gross profits for “security”.

As a nation, we have about a two-year window to make significant changes and modify governmental infrastructure to preserve them.  A deep state will greatly increase our chances of survival in the face of changing demographics.



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