Let’s assume that President-Elect Trump had never decided to run for political office. Let’s further assume that the Republican presidential candidates, all of them to one degree or another, promised and delivered as they always have. We can assume that after sixteen years of feckless leadership from both parties, the American citizen who normally is counted on to vote GOP shrugged and said “Why bother”? The established Republican model is to promise both fiscal conservatism and rule of law, then, once elected, wring their hands and whimper “We can’t do it”, and cave in to the Left.

Don’t fool yourself.  It could still happen.  Fouled up as it has become, we still live under a constitution that prevents one man from ruling the nation.  Unless he’s Black.  The exact same Republicans who caved in to Democratic “priorities” for sixteen years are still warming chairs in the Senate and House as I write this.  The only office in which the tenor has changed is the Presidency.

Republican professional politicians, in general, are actually no different from Democratic professional politicians.  Whatever their lofty goals in seeking office, their arrival in the capital introduces them not only to the power of the office, but the “perks” and side benefits the office brings.  So we can’t seriously expect the representative branch of government to perform much differently in the next four years than it has done in the last sixteen.  The nation’s debt will still climb to somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 trillion dollars, both China and Russia will continuously test our limits, and our military, hopefully renewed and invigorated,  will still be hopelessly hamstrung by defeatist “rules of engagement”.  At home, what few dollars that are not dedicated to servicing the debt will be used to feed, clothe, and house a massive population of illegal immigrants, fake “Syrian refugees”, and our own home-grown population of “urban poor” who are so totally inured to a life of leisure that they simply cannot be trained to perform any type of useful employment.

This is what the end of a “democratic” republic looks like.  Throughout our history as a nation, we have been warned.  Even if every progressive voter in the nation turned on a dime to support nationalistic, fiscally conservative policies, it is probably too late.  An acquaintance keeps tells me to forget trying to save the nation, and instead start planning for the one to come.  One human being cannot heal our ills, he says.  I hope that many can, however.