What Is Western Culture Worth to You?

America is a fractured country.  I won’t even call it a nation anymore.  Nations have national goals.  Our nation does not.  Nations have a populace that, while disagreeing on methods and procedures, have the same general national direction in mind.  Our people do not.  Both “mainstream media” (Leftist) and the “new media” (Alt-Right/New Right) would have you believe that we are at the beginning of a binary titanic struggle between social democrats and constitutional conservatives.  This is not true.  There are four, maybe even five separate forces vying for control of our society.  None of these factions seem to be willing to compromise with any of the others.

On the Left, most would recognize the “Bernie Wing” of European-style socialism, but wedded to a form of “soft” authoritarianism that is becoming increasingly hostile to the idea of free speech, and the “Traditional/Clinton Wing”, which is nothing more than a cabal of criminals who appease their base with “free” goods and services while robbing both individuals and institutions blind. On the right, there are several factions, constantly at war with one another.  As with the Left, these Right factions seem dedicated more to internal warfare than competition with the Left, no matter what their public pronouncements are.  The traditionalist/Bush GOP faction now has almost no presence in elected government at the federal level, but holds massive influence via appointed positions and economic “advisors”.  The MAGA faction has a very small presence on the ground anywhere in Washington.  Misters Bannon and Miller are in the White House, but seem to have the effectiveness of potted plants.  Even though this is the group of voters who put President Trump in office, they have very little power beyond the power of their vote.  Their ability to exercise sway over policy on a daily basis is zilch.  The Alt-Right – the real Alt-Right, as opposed to the Breitbart/Daily Caller group the MSM refers to, is not much interested in electoral politics. They play on a larger scale, taking Andrew Breitbart’s statement that politics is downstream of culture literally.  As the MSM has chosen to mislabel the Alt-Right rather than shine a spotlight on them, they have the advantage of being able to continue their work generally unobstructed.  Their goal is to re-engineer, or revive, Western Culture.  Traditional Western Culture breeds nationalism.  They are not nationalists so much as culturalists, and “democracy” and constitutions are of far less importance than is the direction of culture.  Another right faction are the 19th-century libertarians, who are conflicted social Marxists and economic capitalists.  Sadly (or not), the only thing that remains of actual libertarianism is the name.  The libertarian Party itself has become a destructive force in American politics, hopelessly draining votes from candidates who could actually make a difference.  Luckily, it seems their power is fading, and they will soon be recognized for what they are – a political anachronism.

What America needs is for the MAGA voter to realize that a personality cult built around Donald Trump will not make America great again.  It is the ideals of the true Alt-Right and the grassroots power of the MAGA movement that will make America great again.  But sacrifices must be made.  Success will not be easy.  Is it worth it to you?