Let’s Take a Cold, Hard Look at the American Left, Part 1

If you take a hard, unbiased look at the American Left, you will notice one feature immediately: Leftists are not spread uniformly across the economic spectrum.  There is only a miniscule middle-class presence in the Left.  Instead of the Marxist “classless society” that has been preached for over 150 years, the modern American Left is a hard, segregated two-tier system in which the White, educated elite control all essential organs of the movement, and the ill-educated, untrained lower class, mostly ethnic minorities and dependent upon government support, supply the needed votes and await the crumbs from their master’s table.  There is no actual equality in the Leftist world at all.  “Equality” is a propaganda tool just as “racism” is.  If you ever penetrate the world of the Left, and get to listen in on the “insiders”, you will see that no single group of people are more racist that the Leftist elite.  They discuss their “African-American friends” as if they were pet chihuahuas.  They will put Black spokespeople in front of the cameras, but they will never include them in strategic decision-making.  America’s Black population is very important to the Left as voters and as marchers.   The Left learned from the civil rights struggle of the 1950s and 60s that in many cases, public marches can accomplish things that no judge or congress could.  They want results, not “democracy”, and history shows that it is most difficult to herd up White people for a march, whereas is seems just instinctual for Black people.

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